A conspiracy theory

September 20, 2005

That has no weight whatsoever in real life at all. If you take what I say here and treat it as though it was factual when it isn’t, you are asking for trouble. If, however, you are taking it as a jumping board to more research, then I applaud you. Only the following has no basis whatsoever in reality other than my brain (and not even there at times- The Muses). /Disclaimer

The theory is simple:

Higher oil prices profits the US to an extent. The US controls Iraq, another source of oil. I believe that they may actually be stockpiling the oil to drive up prices. Why? I don’t know. Like I said, this has no basis whatsoever and I’m simply venting.

Thank you for reading.


One Response to “A conspiracy theory”

  1. raggedyanne said

    patty dearest. shall we make this the next topic of discussion for JRN 213?

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