Found it!

September 21, 2005

I wonder what’s up with Google. Found the lyrics that I wanted in an odd way. Oh well, here they are, though it’s the TV version, so it’s quite short. Taken from here

Kinya Kotani – Blaze
Tsubasa Chronicle Opening Song (TV size)

Hatenaki yume motomeru shirubenaki sekai de…

Kasanaru omoi kokoro tsukisasu kodou
Shizuka ni tsuzuku tameraimonai uta

Tooku sora no kanata kara nazariatta bokura no kage
Hitsuzen to kimagure no naka shirusareta kioku

Surechigatta toki no uzu
Kuchihatetemo kimi no koe wo shinjite

Hatenaki yume motomeru shirubenaki mirai de
Boku ga hikari nakushitemo itsuka

Kimi ga tomoshitekureta kirameku mune no honoo
Tsubasa ni kawaru kibou no kakera

by Tofusensei of #Live-eviL

Out seeking our limitless dreams without any clue where to look…

Innumerable emotions piercing our racing hearts,
Our ballad continues on quietly without hesitation.

Our shadows blended in from the far egde of the sky,
We take forth these memories, somewhere between whim and inevitability.

Even if this whirlpool of time we’ve come across falters,
I’ll trust your voice.

Out seeking our limitless dreams without any clue where to look…
I know that even if I lost the light, someday…

…there will be the flame you’ve lit for me within your sparkling heart;
and we’ll trade these fragments of our dreams for wings.


2 Responses to “Found it!”

  1. Serge said

    *dies from kotani love*

  2. Naoko said



    DON’T DIE!!

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