Bloggers’ Meet Update!

September 26, 2005

Okay, this is probably going to be posted on like a hundred different blogs (fine, about thirty or so!). This is basically what happened:

– We had someone recording a podcast. It is not up yet. Please put it up soon, Dzof!
– We got very passionate about sending Sashi up into space.
– Malaysian Idol. Daniel won. Emily and me were podcasted about that, though neither of us were big fans in the first place.
– There was a flashing competition between Serge and Fazri. The latter won.
– After that, they raped ramen. Picture is on Serge’s blog, link above.
– Baby Jesse who is suing his dad, James, made an appearance. With the defendent in tow.
Peter was Malaysianly fashionably late.
Yvoone was there and was far more quiet than I thought she would be.
– Will post later as I think of them.

Photos will come in a separate post and when I go through everyone’s blog to get them. Credit will be given, mainly because I had no digicam myself. Ja!

*Works on her keyboard face*

9 Responses to “Bloggers’ Meet Update!”

  1. Serge said

    hmmmm … raping the ramen eh ….

  2. Peter said

    How to be fashionably late ah? Want to do it again the next time. Nice meeting you.

  3. cheayee said

    hahaha….yup. PEter was late….

    KL time that is…


    any pictures from the meet up??

    cant wait to see somemore!

  4. Naoko said

    Cheayee, as soon as everyone has posted their pics, I will take them. Like I said, I have no digicam, so I have to rely on others. :p

  5. Emily said

    take them?!?!?!?

    *gasp* that’s stealing!!!!

  6. Naoko said

    Call it referencing and a gathering of piccies. :p

  7. Serge said

    lol ….

    it’s still stealing

  8. Naoko said

    Fine fine… I won’t post the said piccies then. :p

  9. Emily said

    i posted up my pics already, if you’re still interested in stealing them! :p

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