October 3, 2005

Though I must admit that most of the previous posts were nothing more than one-liners, but I’ve reached 400 posts! WHEE!! Thus, I shall dedicate this post to saying things to specific people:

The Three-In-One Personality Guy I’m dating:

Love you sweets, and damnit, don’t stop what you’re doing. ^_^

To the ex who’s my friend:

NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! NOT MY GEEK CARD!! PLEASE FOR… WAITAMINUTE! I’ve made it clear before that I’m a BOOK geek, NOT a tech geek! GIMMIE MY CARD BACK!!!

That’s why I didn’t do research. ‘Sides, weren’t YOU the one who told me that it would take hackers maybe 3 seconds to break the code?

To the Flowergirl/s:

Uh… I don’t think I’ll be following you till Friday. If I message you, that means I’m following. Unfortunately editing looks like it’s going to last the whole week, so… *sniff*

To the Angel and the Mouse:


To the Princess:

Meh… I know now why FTV is so tiring.

To the friend who wants to be more than a friend but I don’t want it to go that way:

WEI! Assignments first la!

To my Malaysian Idol Debating Partner:

We should do it again sometime.

To the girl who needs a diadem to go together with the Tiara:


To the Malaysian bloggers who read this journal:

Comments? :p



4 Responses to “400TH POST! WOOT!”

  1. Anonymous said

    I hereby claim first right of “Bzuh!?” Nobody else gets to say that first! Bwahaha!



  2. Naoko said

    *Laughs* Alright Kyle. How have you been holding up, anyway?

  3. vivian said

    I’m trying to hang on, Pat!!
    Congrats on your 400 post!! Woohoo! WE should have a bash when you reach your 1000! ^^

  4. let’s see ….

    Serge says hey

    Dusty say booya

    leo say : love you 😛

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