Rainy Post

October 6, 2005

Someone once said to me:

Rain is the only thing that can join the earth and the sky.

If you saw the rain outside right now, nothing could be more right.

And yes, I love the rain.

Let the rain fall
Let it cleanse the world
Let my spirit soar with it
Answering questions I never knew I had.

Copyright: Me.

5 Responses to “Rainy Post”

  1. vivian said

    Gosh I like that quote whoever said to you!

    But Pat..rain in M’sia is nicer than in Perth. The rain here is crazy. And bloody cold too.

    PS when I get home I am going to sit down and eat truckloads of M’sian food.

  2. Reminds me of a poem I once wrote about the rain.

    Hmmm…reminds me a lot.

  3. Naoko said

    Glad you did Viv. Credit goes to Leo. :p

    Edrei: Really? Show me? 🙂 It was inspired by “Coming Clean” by Hilary Duff.

  4. credits to me ?? heck … you should be giving credits to the manga Bleach, that is where i got it from dear.

  5. http://www.kamigoroshi.net/archive/2003/05/20/54

    It’s an old post. Back in the time when I used to write down everything I could with with my blog.

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