November 21, 2005

There comes a time in everyone’s life that we realise that the people who raised us doesn’t have all the answers. That sadly, they are human and fallible. That knowledge is terrible and painful, but it is the realisation that hurts you the most. The worse that can happen is that you realise that your rock is not really a rock, but a quagmire (Been wanting to use that word for ages- Me), a quicksand that is dragging you down so slowly, you can’t even see it until you’re halfway down.

This disillusionment, though neccessary for us to grow up and accept ourselves as adults, does not come witout a price. The price is often paid by both sides, though with different coinage at times.

On one side, you may have the child who refuses to accept that their guardians don’t know everything. After a while, that child may either grow up to b cycnical, live under a coconut shell and refuse to come out, or they may choose to live their life their own way, leaving everything that they have gained, or everything that once brought them comfort behind.

For the parents, they either choose to let their child go, or they refuse to see that their child no longer needs wants to believe them. They try to play the role of the all-seeing one, despite the fact that their child sees through their acting and refuses to accept it. For their parents still wear a mask and yet have the gall to demand openess and honesty from them, but the child refuses to bow down to them.

Sometimes childhood illusions, should be left alone. Others, you have to shatter them. You may have 7 years bad luck if you do, but it’s better than living in a dream that isn’t yours and being pulled to do something that you don’t want to handle.


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