Le prezzies

December 1, 2005

Here’s the ISBN list of the calendars I promised. Look them up in Amazon’s calendar section, lazy to link them all. :p One question: How am I going to get them to you and Ti?

Garden Faeries- 1416210237

Fairy World- 1403007608

Angel Spirits- 156937614X

Water Fairies- 1416210792

Angels- 3865472907

Fairies- 0764931318

The last one is the most expensive, so it’s only a recommendation. I’m not buying it. ^_^

If there’s anyone who wants anything on that list, let me know. Please also let me know BEFORE the 21st and how I’m going to get these things to you. Thank you!!! ^_^

PS: Ti, the book’s an engagement calendar, not an organizer. I just checked. Sorry about that. Do you still want it though?

2 Responses to “Le prezzies”

  1. ViviaN said

    I like Angel Spirits!
    Thanks Pat…erm…how to give it to me ah? Hmm….I guess I’ll be mailing you your Xmas Prezzie…or maybe ask Adeliene to hand it to you when she goes back.

    Hmm…..I don’t know…LOL..mail it?

  2. Tiara said

    Surprise me 😛

    and hang on to it when I get back XD

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