Sugar High Muses, Part 4

December 24, 2005

Why do we let her do this?

Because she’s got the body?

The young man looked very unkempt. Even though he slept quietly, his long messy hair, the faint shadow on his chin, and the gauntness of his body seemed to indicate that he was not well. He was clean, she would grant him that, but she did not really need him to be awake for what she was going to do to him. She examined him from the door, noting his sprawl over the dark cushions on the platform, the neatness of his surroundings and his apparent solitariness.

With a quite hum she slipped into the room, taking care to close it but not lock it. For a moment, the loud sounds of a raunchy nightclub came into the room, only to be silenced by the click of the closed door. Anyone peeking in would have seen just a young girl bending over a man; either to be pleasured, or to pleasure him. She looked rather enticing from the back; a short black leather miniskirt with a matching jacket over a white blouse, knee-length boots and short biker-type gloves completed the ensemble. She exuded this raw sensuality of a young girl trying to be a woman; appealing to those with protective instincts.

The redhead with green eyes smiled to herself. The noise did not provoke even a stir from the man, so she was quite certain that he was asleep. His reputation seemed undeserved as she kissed him on the forehead tenderly. The only reaction she received was a sigh of contentment. Opening her shirt, she took out a thin piano wire hidden in her white lacy bra. Looping it carefully around one of her palms, she stretched it taut. She was certain that no one would hear him scream, even if he woke up. The movies were wrong; people could never hear any other noise but the music in a nightclub. (The mun would like to point out that corrections are welcome if there are any- Sukina.)

Slowly and carefully, she slipped it around his neck, looping it once, her other hand grasping the free end. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and began to pull, expecting to meet resistance as she did.

She met nothing.

Instead, the force of her pull was such that she fell backwards. Opening her eyes, she found herself staring at nothing. Alarm building in her, she got up when her senses her alerted her.

Someone lunged at her from the back. With a graceful leap, she somersaulted over him, her eyes going to the exit. He stood between her and freedom. As she landed, she forced her body into the half-relaxed, half-tensed stance of a fighter. She could not be captured, not here!

“You’d think that the Alin’sa would have hired better assassins,? the man said derisively.

“That’s assuming we did at all,? a hauntingly familiar voice for the man piped from the door. Another young woman stood at the door, a dark figure outlined by the dim lights behind her.

The young woman took advantage of their momentary distraction to try to run past the man and into the woman at the door. She pulled out a knife from her clothes somewhere and attempted to use it against the other woman. With a rueful sigh, the young woman stepsided her assailant, grabbed her outstretched wrist and flipped her easily onto her back.

The landing thud brought several other young women to the commotion, all of them wearing the waiter outfits that classified them as security. They took one look at the would-be assassin, bowed to the woman and the man, and then dragged the assassin away. The woman spoke up before they took her away.

“I want her for questioning. Make sure nothing happens to her,? she warned.

“We understand!? the young woman hung limp between them, unconscious.

“Rikan Alexis, I presume?? the man probed tentatively when they were alone.

“You presume rightly. You would be Kaede’s brother, Kristanto,? she nodded and then headed to one of the walls, revealing a bar behind its panelling.

“Whiskey.? She poured him a glass, taking only a glass of water for herself.

“Didn’t think you were the type,? she watched him over her glass as he downed the whiskey easily.

“I must make my report, and then leave.?

“So do so.”


One Response to “Sugar High Muses, Part 4”

  1. Sol said

    Never thought of it that way..

    A young girl would use the protective instincts of a man to seduce him. Scary. 😉

    Back to the story..would waiters trained as guards add or detract from the suspended disbelief?

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