December 27, 2005

Stayed at this place called Ancasa Resort AllSuites. It’s a nice place, actually, very popular. I think the reason for that is because the resort is very kid-friendly. They have one gameroom for kids, a poor excuse for an arcade, easy access to the beach, and three wading pools for kids. If that isn’t kid friendly, I don’t know what is.

The gardens (pictures will be up in a separate post after I edit them, it’s on mom’s phone) was quite nice. I spent a lovely 30 minutes there writing chapter 3 of Sugar High Muses in there, just sitting and listening to the burung tiong warble his heart out with the screams of children punctuating the air now and then.

There was even a gazebo with curtains. You know, the ones where there’s this small room without walls and only a roof? Something like this. This one had curtains. It looked so dreamy and romantic. Also the angle is just nice for some… honeymooners. Well… if you do it at night. *Wink*

Despite it being next to the beach, I didn’t go to the beach. Mainly cause I felt lazy. However, I would like to point out that the water in the pool was freezing. Only for the first few minutes. Then it got compfy. *Note to self: Must learn how to swim* Though I realise that I can now dogpaddle for a few feet before I have to come up for air.

Alright. Enough about the Hotel.

We went to this place called Mutiara Seafood Village for dinner. The food was decent, though it took a long time coming. For some reason they passed over us, though I remember them doing the same thing the last time I was there as well. Parents did not say anything about the service when they were there with relatives two months back, so it may just be my imagination.

Today there was a jam coming back. Gah.

I slept like a log when we got home. ^_^


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