Chapter 2

December 29, 2005

Do you think she’s had enough for one day?

I don’t think so.

Neither do I.

The blond young girl poured the tea silently and efficiently. When she had served the tea, one of the two elders waved her away. Keeping her eyes averted, she bowed and left the room, walking backwards so as not to offer any disrespect. She slid the rice-paper door closed, raising her eyes a little just so she could catch a glimpse of the two men.

One was her headmaster, a proud man who would do anything for power. He was dressed in blue. The other man radiated power. His crimson robes were decorated with dragons in gold thread. They only began talking after her footsteps had disappeared down the corridor.

She went to the kitchen to excuse herself. It was the end of her shift anyway, so they let her rest in her room. In the privacy of her room, she locked the door and took out a pair of tiny headphones. Switching it on, the receiver began receiving the signal from the transmitter under the bottom of the teapot in the room.

“That was the child?? the man in crimson robes spoke. His voice was lilting, almost hypnotic. An unusual voice for a man, she thought.

Yes,? the headmaster replied, an eager note in his oily voice, “She has been in our care since her mother died. The Priestesses turned her over to us for us to train and find a suitable match for her. With that blond hair and blue eyes, she will fetch a very high price,? she could imagine he was rubbing his hand with glee.

“You are sure she is… untouched??

“We have made sure that she is. Her virtue is assured.? As the headmaster completed his sentence, the other man coughed.

‘That would be my cue,’ the blond girl said softly.

She took off the headphones, kept them swiftly in the pouch hanging by her waist, and went to the cupboard. Her movements were quick, small and graceful under the many folds of the kimono she wore, and more small things disappeared into her pouch. She then pulled out the small traveling bag with her essentials and her old cloak. Once she was covered, she left the room. She did not need to listen to know what was going on in the tearoom.

First the crimson man would choke, and her headmaster would get up to help him. Then he would cough blood. Before the headmaster could call for help, he would find himself choking uncontrollably like the crimson man. They would both die before they could do anything but cough blood.

She was far away from the Academy where they had trained her by the time they thought to look for her. Her destination was a black granite building nestled in a corner of the city, near the City Gates. Her mission could not be considered completed until she reached sanctuary, and that was still a few minutes away.

She had just turned into the sidestreet that led to the secret entrance of the building when she heard a loud horn blaring behind her. Though she needed not to do so, she hurried anyway and stopped in front of a wall. She ran her fingers up and down, searching for one specific brick.

When she found it, she removed a ring from her finger and pressed it into the brick. The brick absorbed the indentation of the ring and glowed. Within moments an ethereal door opened and she stepped through it.

“Handmaiden, you are welcomed.? The Priestess greeted her when she came in.


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  1. closer to 21…

    sickest radiate?conjurer …

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