Okay, this is weird

January 4, 2006

According to the blog stats in the dashboard of WP, it seems that my blog gets a lot of visits from the following Google:





Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Can someone tell me why this is happening? I’m just really curious, that’s all.


9 Responses to “Okay, this is weird”

  1. Lord Zhilbar said

    It’s because we all love you, Silly Pat! Those four countries are just the creepy stalkerish ones.

    On and alternate note, I just got your gift. *Suppresses a snicker*

    You’re EBIL.

  2. Sol said

    ((fake English accent)) Oh, could it perchance have to do with the R-rated content on yer site?? ::devilish glee::

  3. Kyle: Hoped you liked it. At least be glad it wasn’t tempoyak.

    Sol: LOL. What R-rated content? I have none! *Innocent look*

  4. Hmm…?

    *Thinks* I shall not make innocent ass jokes… I shall not make innocent ass jokes…

  5. Lord Zhilbar said

    Gwah! I have not seen this saucy posting; they must be behind the passwords of DOOM! Woe!

    Hmm, maybe the password is DOOM…

  6. Lord Zhilbar said

    Oh, and woe, I know not what that is even after this!

    Man, that Pat. Cili padi much, lah!

    ((I have NO idea if I said that even remotely close to right.))

  7. LOL. Nice try, Kyle.

    That Pat, like cili padi onli!

  8. Sol said

    roflmao @ Serge

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