January 5, 2006

So I have a few:

– Find a job that pays at least RM1200 after deductions.

a) That way i can maintain Seraphine properly. Put at least RM100 each month into ASB.

b) So that I can afford to see a gynae regularly.

– Be more disciplined- eg: don’t get addicted to my addictions, wake up early, etc.

– Move out of home

– Travel

– In relation to the travel bits (this is the only one I’m going to try dear, so please feel free to resist)- Get Leo to like travelling. ^_^

Edit: Join in for the CF06 as Count D.


2 Responses to “RESOLUTIONS”

  1. YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME ?? a resolution is suppose to be for you self-centeredself …. it must not involve the people around you…NOOOO …..I WILL NOT LEARN TO LIKE TRAVELLING.

    STAY AWAY FROM ME…SPAWN of AikoxDeru !!!

  2. Sol said

    The job thingy sounds ambitious, dear.

    Don’t let my attitude(or lack of) stop ya 😉

    Sleep before 10.30 or 11 pm, thats when the next dosha cycle begins. Try to wake by 5.30 or 6.30 am.
    Its a pain till u get used to it

    ..know from experience.

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