Full letter

January 10, 2006

In Malay and English. The translated versions have different things in them, and they have been edited, but they’ll be here till the guy’s mailbox is free for me to send it again. Heh.


Kepada Encik Faisal and penyunting,

Saya ingin meluahkan perasaan berterima kasih kepada kalian kerana menulis karya yang agak hebat. Ya, betul bahawa anime lucah boleh memudaratkan belia kita, tetapi saya rasa terdapat beberapa hujah yang digunakan Encik Faisal yang tidak sesuai and agak mengelirukan.

Saya rasa bahawa kalian telah tersilap antara anime dan hentai. Hentai cumalah satu genre anime. Ia hanyalah satu daripada banyak genre di bawah anime. Hentai adalah genre yang lucah, sepertimana dalam kesusateraan bahasa Inggeris, erotica adalah genre lucah (tetapi itupun tidaklah spesifik sangat). Dengan mengeneraliskan anime sebegitu, kalian telah menulis sesuatu yang bukan benar and boleh membawa orang kepada fakta and keputusan yang salah.

Sebenarnya, anime adalah animasi dalam bahasa Jepun. Walaupun ditentang oleh beberapa pengikut anime, mengikut pelukisnya, anime memanglah animation dalam bahasa Jepun. Itu saja.

Malahan anime telah berevolusi dari mendefinisikan sesuatu gaya lukisan kepada tersendiri. Terdapat banyak genre dan sub-genre di bawahnya. Cuma sebut hentai sahaja, dapatla membezakan daripada genre lain seperti shoujo and shounen. Shoujo contohnya, adalah anime yang lebih kepada gadis-gadis muda, umpama novel-novel cinta Melayu yang kini berada di pasaran, seperti yang diterbitkan oleh Utusan sendiri.

Contoh-contoh anime popular sekarang termasuklah Naruto, Dragonball, Beyblade, Sailormoon, and yang masih di minda kebanyakan kanak-kanak, Doraemon. Takkanlah semua ini berunsur lucah?

Saya faham bahawa sebagai penulis, kadang-kala tidak cukup masa untuk makan, masakan untuk menyiasat and mempastikan semua fakta anda adalah betul. Namun begitu, perkara seperti ini hanya memerlukan seminit dua untuk kepastian.

Tolong, saya merayu, janganlah memalukan pemberita-pemberita Malaysia lagi. Perkara sebegini tidak patut berlaku, terutamanya di tempat seperti Kosmo! Ia amatlah memalukan, bahawa anda tidak dapat mempastikan fakta-fakta sebesar ini.


Dalam Bahasa Inggeris

Dear Encik Faisal and Editor,

Sunday’s article, I believe, was a fantastic expose. However, it is obvious that you have mixed up anime and hentai. Hentai is the sub-genre of anime. It is the genre dealing with porn, sort of how erotica is merely a sub-topic of literature, and does not form the whole of it. Anime is the whole genre.

In fact, anime is simply the Japanese term for Japanese animation. Although this is a point of contention by anime fans, even Japanese animators have stated that anime means animation. It is not a special term. It is simply a blanket term for moving pictures, aka animation in English and animasi in Malay.

Anime has evolved into a genre, from simply being distinguished by its’ drawing style against the American style into a full-fledged genre with many sub-genres. Just as there are erotic and pornographic comics, so are there such anime content. However, as mentioned before, these are called HENTAI.

This makes them easy to distinguish from other anime, which tend to be more innocous in nature. There are also love stories, called shoujo, and there is the Malay equivalent of it’s many love novels published by Alaf 21 and other publishers. See the different genres?

Some of the better known anime these days include: Naruto, Sailormoon, Spirited Away, Dragonball. Even the innocent Doraemon are anime. Does this mean that they are porn? I don’t think so.

I understand that journalists do not have the time to do checks all the time, but that does not excuse them from sloppy journalism, as this is what it amounts to.

Please, do not embarass yourself and Malaysian journalism any more by printing anything without checks. This would have taken you only two minutes to verify, yet you insist on printing it anyway.

Shame on you.


6 Responses to “Full letter”

  1. Tiara said

    There was a discussion in one of the forums, and it was discovered that the writer knew what anime and hentai was, but decided to lump them all under “anime” anyhow.

  2. Yes, I know. It was in the Low Yatt forums. It smacks of unprofessionalism and bad ethics. I’m now scared to work in the media.

  3. if you do what encik faizal did, you never have to worry about not receiving hate e-mail from me.

    i assure you of that.

  4. Darling, are you trying to terrify me further?

  5. Sol said

    Naoko ~ Ah, but if you let fear govern yer life..where will it take you? To a certain extent, tis good to be prudent.

    On the other hand, when you have a chance to make a difference with little opportunity of getting burnt..

    Just make sure you have an escape route. *wink*

    That said, I must commend thee on a letter boldly written!!!

  6. Unfortunately he didn’t get it, so I’m rewriting it for the Star. ^_^

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