Because some lines are classic!

January 12, 2006

I finally got LAID!!!



/End. ^_^

12 Responses to “Because some lines are classic!”

  1. Lord Zhilbar said

    *Snickers madly*

    You evil, evil person you!

    Be sure to take care of the other one later, okay? *Grins*

  2. P said

    ROFL … i just froze when i read the 1st line …

    glad to come across your blogg and will be your loyal reader … 😀

  3. LOL. I wish I could claim credit for the lines, but I can’t. Someone dear to me made them, and in a chatroom too!! ^_^

  4. Sol said

    priceless! 😉

  5. thehm said

    HA HA HA
    For some reason that reminded me of an old song by N*Sync (sudders) the one line goes “Just got paid, friday night” but when you listen to it, it sounds like “just got laid, friday night” hmmmm

    money is fun! like my grandmother always tells me “DONT GO SPENDING IT ALL IN ONE PLACE”

  6. Thank you, Heather. And no, I won’t. ^_^

  7. lainie said

    paid, laid, almost but not quite 😛

  8. ViviaN said

    Now THAT was shocking for a moment there….

  9. I know you have a cute one, darling. -_^

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