Stolen from Shun’s blog

January 14, 2006

N Nice
A Altruistic
O Organic
K Kinky
O Orderly
K Keen
E Exhausting
N New
S Sensational
A Adventurous
K Kinky
U Useful
Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator

LOL. True or False?


7 Responses to “Stolen from Shun’s blog”

  1. Sol said

    ::grins:: ::laughs:: ::grins again::

    at loss fer words..

  2. Lord Zhilbar said

    ((OH, YES. *Grins wickedly* ESPECIALLY the part where it puts kinky twice.))

    Shut up, you jerk!


  3. Naoko here:


    ((The writer is gleefully laughing))

  4. Lord Zhilbar said

    Zhilbar here:

    Oh, you know you’re a wild one, darling! And you know I love it!

    ((*Snickering mun*))

  5. *Naoko the character huggles Zhilar*

    *Naoko the person behind the character huggles Serge*

    Hush darling. It’s a Nexus thing.

  6. Lord Zhilbar said

    *Kyle the person waves cheerily to Naoko-person and Serge*

    Zhilbar the character behind the person hugs Naoko-chan and kisses her thoroughly*

    Cause I’m paranoid like that. ^_~

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