Internet’s out

January 16, 2006

The router, *sniff* is out. The poor lil baby just died on us last night. So I am now posting on the comp in my bro’s room. *Sniff*


8 Responses to “Internet’s out”

  1. Poor Pat… *HUGS*

    May your router RIP in the heavenly realm of electronic scrap heap!

  2. Lord Zhilbar said


    *Sad face, huggery* Sorry about that, hon!

  3. *Pets Kyle and Zhilbar*

    Yes, I’m sad too.

    Livingit, would you like to come to the funeral? :p BTW, am most likely going to that area near your place. It’s at Kelana Square. ^_^

  4. Sure thing, senorita. Bila funeral and when will you be at Kelana Square?

  5. Lord Zhilbar said

    *Are petted, are sad yet pleased and pet back* There there, milady. It’s in a different place now.

  6. Viceice said

    *Pats Pat until Compact* 😀

  7. Sol said

    duz dis meen u vil hev thu put dem kontraben downlod on holl?

    ::evil grin::

  8. You should have gotten it by now! ^_-

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