Chapter 5

January 20, 2006

Can’t believe she’s actually posted this. 

You had it easy. She wanted to do the other one. 


The Goddess turned from her contemplations and ran to her crystal pool. Peering over the edge, she waved her hand over it and watched as her frightened reflection turned opaque. A heartbeat later, the water cleared and showed her a young disheveled young man talking to a younger woman. She chose not to hear what they were saying, but instead waved her hand over the image again. Once more the water turned opaque and then cleared to show a would-be assassin falling on her back. As the female guards came to take the girl away, she realized where this took place.

She did not hear the Acolyte come in.

Touching her finger to the young woman, she watched her as she was escorted away. The female guards handled the young woman with almost grudging respect. They were, rightfully so, she thought, respectful of any female who managed to get into the night club without being detected for what she was. As they walked into the kitchen, away from the crowd into a restricted area, the Goddess caught glimpses of men serving the patrons. This was a Huntress Home, alright. They were the only ones who would employ the men as waiters and the women as bouncers. It was typical of the matriarch tendencies of the Alin’sa and their people.

The Acolyte put the tray down on the table hard, but the Goddess did not deign to hear her.

They were almost gentle with the young woman as they left her in the small dungeon under the club. Leaving one guard to stand watch over her, the other women left her alone, and the Goddess knew that they were returning to their duties. Satisfied, she waved her hand twice over the image and laid back, thinking.

The Acolyte walked over to the Goddess, her eyes strangely intent on the back of the Goddess.

The Goddess thought back over the images she had just witnessed. It seemed that the Alin’sa were still capable of anything being thrown at them, but the assassin was another matter entirely. She had not seen the girl in any of her visions, which meant that she must have been sent by the Destroyer. Only after the young woman had flipped the girl did the Goddess see her face and form.

The Acolyte cleared her throat, trying to catch the Goddess’ attention.

“The Daughters of Celeste are still capable, and it looks like the Triplicate remains unharmed. The time grows nearer for the Confrontation though. What then, children?? she mused aloud.

“Whatever it is, Lady Ananke, you are no longer needed!? the Acolyte responded, drawing a knife from its hiding place and stabbed the Goddess.

Or what would have been the Goddess if it were Divine.

A very human cry came out from the form, along with blood. The Acolyte stabbed her repeatedly, not giving her a chance to even turn. With quick, calculated brutality and precision, she struck her, letting the poison do the work, or so she thought. After a few minutes, she stopped and examined her handiwork.

The figure lay there, slumped over the edge of the pool, her blood turning the water crimson.

The Acolyte watched in horror. According to ancient legend, blue fire would be dancing around the water’s edge if Divine blood had mingled with it. Several possibilities raced through her mind; the first of it was that the pool was false. She was wrong though, as a strong force caught her by her neck and flung her to the wall.

The impact killed her immediately, but she watched just before her soul fled her body as the Goddess she sought to kill emerge from the shadows with Death by her.

Mercifully, she did not hear their words.

“I cannot detain her. She is not meant to pass through my hands,? the woman with the jet-black hair said.

“It is fine, Celeste. She’ll suffer more with Chronos than she would have with us,? the older Goddess replied, almost in a bemused manner.


3 Responses to “Chapter 5”

  1. Sol said

    cool imagery, Na!

    many ancient goddesses were portrayed nude or partially clothed.
    with the advent of monotheism, things changed. ;(

  2. Thank you. But… portrayed nude? Connection? 🙂

  3. Sol said

    To the ancient Greeks and many others, nudity was an art form. The nude human body was beautiful, a thing to be celebrated in song and art. Also, it is a way to be closer to nature, the oneness of all life, so to speak.

    When monotheism took hold, nudity became shameful..scorned by the masses and stripped of its former glory. eg. the Romans were the last European people to portray their figures nude..until the Renaissance. It became associated with the devil and sin.

    Did you know that short skirts were popular amongst certain Norse women during the summer season? What I’m trying to say is..later on bashfulness took precedence over practicality.

    Man attempted to elevate himself far and above the animal kingdom..and in this used the veneer of modesty to clothe his lowly origins. ::dark smile::

    Of course, the Greeks were supposedly slim and muscular..far from our modern day people in general!!!

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