January 26, 2006

I love talking to my friends from the same course as me. Yes, I’m talking about the Mass Comm gang, particularly those who are my seniors. You see. when we get together, sooner or later religion and/or politics comes up (since the seniors that I’m close to are both into religion in a BIG way, and there is no way to talk about religion without talking about politics in Malaysia) and in many ways, we are both similar and dissimilar in our thoughts.

The Bible, IMHO, was not written by either just God, or just humans. The divine inspiration DID come from God (obviously) but remember, it has been filtered through the writer’s. What comes out is the perspective of the writer of what God gave him. He’s writing it for his time and situation. It’s not always the literal lettering to be taken into action.

Then, not to forget, there’s also the wording. The KJV has always been a bit suspect, IMHO. Sages will remember a time several months ago when Rosie asked us about the Bible. There was one line that stated: Suffer not a witch to live. Why a witch, when the original wording was poisoner?

That’s the reason why I don’t read the New Testament beyond the Gospels and Acts. For some reason, I do not trust Paul. And the King James Version. It seems that Christianity, which was supposed to be the Great Equalizer, has become something else entirely. The rules were there to protect both sexes, but Paul seems to have made it so that the rules favour the men. Blergh.


3 Responses to “Musings”

  1. ami said

    hi pat. ami here. i’m putting up a link to urs on mine. hows u love?

  2. Not too bad. See you around, Ami!

  3. Sol said

    interesting. i remember reading that about Paul somewhere too.

    oh well, if i was born then i’d probably be burned at the stake..for heresy.

    ::eyes gleam:: they’d have had to match steel w/me first!!

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