February 16, 2006

You can read Phil‘s version of the outing there. I’m too lazy to write more, especially since I think that Phil’s blog needs more exposure. ^_^

What I will write about is what Valentine’s mean to me. From the time I was a kid, Valentine’s has been about being with people you love and care about. Giving them some time and attention. Presents? They’re not really important. It’s the thought that matters. I’d rather squeal over a card that was made lovingly than an expensive present. Of course, if the present revealed the amount of thought that went into it, I’d appreciate it, of course.

Now I wish I were that good at choosing presents for the people I care about.


2 Responses to “VALENTINE’S DAY!”

  1. Hihihi…
    Arigato!! I really do need the exposure… ^_^

  2. Naoko hon. Happy Valentines Day. Hope it was all peaches and cream and sultana buns and turkish delights (i need foood).

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