March 3, 2006

I absolutely, utterly, HATE PMS.

According to the doctor, as a woman hits the 20s, their hormones stabilise and move on to the next period in biology; preparing them for childbirth, etc etc. Unfortunately for me, that means I’ll be angsty, emo, and a general, demanding, whiny bit*h before my menses, which leads me to snap at people.

Leo… I’m sorry.


4 Responses to “Gwargh”

  1. ViviaN said

    You and me both. Btw, is it pre or post?

  2. In which you case you certainly need people like me and Sam to put in some humour to lighten up the mood! ^_^

  3. Lord Zhilbar said

    Aww. Poor girl. *Pets*

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