A slightly (okay, very) angsty post

March 30, 2006

I’m sitting in front of a comp, and I cannot think. My brain seems to be growing more and more shallow everyday. I used to be able to take in the news with no problems, my brain able to process them and change them into intelligble thoughts. Now, I’m losing interests in things that I used to love and care about, and a bigger indicator of this is that I no longer have the patience to sit through books by new authors or go through genres that were outside my favourites (in other words non-fiction books). My preoccupation these days seem to be with my clothes (no, I still don’t follow fashion, but I do care more if my clothes match my accessories), said accessories, and my looks. I don’t seem to have the energy to even meetup for things that interest me, like Brick In The Wall, other NGO gatherings.. It’s been going on for nearly a year now, and I’m sick of it. I can’t seem to… move.

No offense to anyone, but I feel very… stupid. I try to write, and there are all these ideas within me, but whenever I TRY to write, it doesn’t happen. Does it sound like a burnout? Am I getting more stupid? Or is this just a phase?

Edit: Because we’re waiting for calls and none are coming in…

OMG, some of them sound too familiar.

4 Responses to “A slightly (okay, very) angsty post”

  1. Sol said

    its entirely possible.

    i spent the last couple years getting progressively dumber while languishing in the working world; Mph was actually more food for the brains than working in an office environ!!!

    then again, i hate office work. ::grins::

    try a lil meditation..and more sleep.
    exercise helps blood circulation too.
    stress doesn’t help with creativity imo.

    keep us posted, ja?

  2. Sol said

    ps. u could be suffering from chronic fatigue.
    in that case, less sugar..more protein + healthy fats eg. pure unsalted butter, fresh salmon

    good luck

  3. Hmm… I’ll try the first comment.

    You’re still trying to get me to convert to your diet, aren’t you? ^_^ We’ll see about the second. Have been trying to cut down on carbs lately, but then I don’t have energy to get through the day, yet when I eat more carbs, I’m afraid of getting fat.

  4. Sol said

    nah..wouldn’t wish that on ya! ::grins::

    i mean, a more balanced diet.
    fat *the right kind* is a more efficient source of energy than carbs.

    unfortunately, by the time the research comes out *in 2020 or later*
    ..it will be too late fer either of us 😉

    protein helps more with mood than energy. don’t OD on it or there will be side effects too..

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