Taken from Ti…

March 30, 2006

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Gemini Woman

When it comes to sex, it is Gemini’s habit to feign naïvete. Even in her practical, long term relationships, the bedroom is one place she can’t help but put on a bit of a show. Gemini instinctually lets a man off the hook of having to perform spectaculary, something she finds to be hurdle to the kind of low stakes roll in the hay she enjoys anyway.

She doesn’t like to go too deep into a sexual experience, literally or figuratively, much preferring to keep activities light and superficial. She may be blatantly vulnerable, but she pretty much goes willingly, rarely needing to put up a fuss since it’s already planted in her partner’s mind that he’s conveying precious cargo when he takes Gemini on an erotic trip. She plays the protege, literally the “protected?, seeking to be taken under her man’s wing.

Roleplaying is endemic to her sex life as, in a way, she’s never not engaging it. She will alight upon many acts and positions during a single interlude, so long as she’s never made to explore any one too profoundly. Her skin is sensitive and may react wildly to even the slightest touch. Just as she is a master of psycological manipulation, she, in turn, likes to be physically teased, the element of surprice being highly arousing to her. She may even enjoy being tied down occationally, with a steady partner, that is, who’ll take her to the edge, with light touches and licks, and how much tactile torment she can take. A lover must always remain alert and flexible to her ever changing moods.

When it comes to intercourse, the Twins actually prefers to be on top, where she can control the pace and positioning.

There is always a sense of the Gemini self pleasuring in bed, as if her partner is mere a tool for her own masturbatory masterwork. Whereas most women find male homosexuality a hands down turnoff, the Gemini may be both psychologically intrigued and erotically titillated. In fact, she’d sooner engage in a threesome with two men as opposed to the more commonplace girl guy girl menage, knowing she won’t be the overwhelming focus. *Shifty eyes*

Straight turn-ons: Younger boyish men, married men, seduction (Who doesn’t?), playing ingenue, basketball players, Africans, Latins, one-night stands, exhibitionism, mutual masturbation, standing sex, speedy thrusting, quickies, teachers, professors, masturbation during sex, doctor/nurse role-play, phone/cyber sex, treasure trails, goatees, (ew! definite turnoff)(active) oral sex, (passive) lite b+d, bi men, bi porn, vibrators, dildos, tickling, pinching, teasing, (passive) nipple play, swapping, girl-on-girl


She will rarely experience all out lesbian crushes; rather her feelings, even of lust, will be wrapped up in worship, friendship, envy and sibling adoration.

Gay gemini is rarely exclusively lesbian in her associations, having a slew of straight friends and especially gay male friends with whom she’ll cavort. She will, however, be a card carrying member of the gay girl maffia, an exclusive set of stylish women who love women, aiding and abetting her sisters in their personal and professional lives as she is likewise given such assists. Though there is a strong splinter group of ultrabutch Geminis who are so fetishistic about masculinity they practically live as men, exhibiting no irony in palling around with straight guys, the majority of gay Twin girls are enticingly androgynous in look and demeanor. Do I look it? XD

A sexy sprite, manicured and pedicured beneath her catcher’s mitt and cleats, Gemini is a tenderhearted toughie who wants to be romanced by a lover who also likes to call the shots. She likes the ritual of dressing for a date (almost more than the date itself), sharing the mirror, swapping jewlery and accessories with her mate, who is also, well, her mate.

Already sentimental by nature, the Twin girl can be a real mushpot in the expression of her affection, often buying her lover little gifties, and celebrating the moments of their life. Just as she demands a lot of social stimulation, she also requires a home atmosphere replete with special effects, particulary when it comes to creating the right sexual ambience. Invariably, there is a dimmer switch- it is all about mood and buildup.

Sex for the gay Geminian often amounts to what other might consider extended, if not epic, foreplay, involving her signruled hands, breath, and nerve endings. It’s all about surface tactile exploration for this bird, that and a shallow employment of tounge, and to deliver little zaps and tingles. She will do the strapping on, if it is important to her partner, typically taking a pass at being passive.


Gay turn-ons: Younger women, models, glamazons, blonds, redheads, athletes, gymnasts, femmes, straight/bi women, toys, gadgets, domination, double dildos, fingering, licking, biting, threesomes, foursomes, g-strings, lace, leather, erotica, mastery, cross-dressing, carpet-sweeping, scissoring, phone/cyber sex, mindgames, (active) penetration, strap ons, role-play, masks, costumes, anonymous sex, (active) worship, paying, prostitute fantasies, private parties, sex clubs

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 92% on Sex
You scored higher than 14% on Starsign
Link: The Sextrology Test written by KamikazeParrot on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

3 Responses to “Taken from Ti…”

  1. Tiara said

    There’s a Gay Girl Mafia? Where can I join?

  2. elethea said

    Perfect pages… tnx

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