April 21, 2006

Anyone can tell you that I’m very stubborn, but far too soft as well. If someone will give me a good excuse as to why they can’t do something, I will normally take it at face value without questioning them further. This was one of the reasons why it had been easy for others to dump me, but not a good reason for Leo to do so.

I realise that right now, whatever I’m going to say is going to be based on my own assumptions and needs. Hey, this is my blog, isn’t it? I’ve got a right t be stupid and to post things without letting others worry right?

Ok… on to the rant that has no basis whatesoever besides my own emotions and feelings.

He’s got this need to protect the people he loves, and when things go too smoothly, he’s afraid. Afraid of the things that will happen if he chooses to just let them be. In many ways, you can’t successful all the time and you can’t push people away just because you’re afraid. Life won’t always be smooth; there’s no such thing, but what’s wrong with enjoying the ride and letting it end when it wants to end, and not when we decide to do so?

At the end of the day, we made promises to each other, and I’m not going to be breaking mine. Do you want to break yours?


2 Responses to “WARNING! ANGST AHEAD”

  1. There, there now. The dust has settled I hope? Wish you two well. Kiss, kiss and make up!

  2. ViviaN said

    Gosh I hate it when this sort of things happen….I hope all goes well for you…

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