It’s finally done

April 26, 2006

And thank you, Viv, for that final push.

Credited to Viv

Tonight I shall cry
The last tears of anguish for you
The taste bittersweet on my tongue
Like beads of pearls
Sliding down my cheeks

Tonight I will set
Your shadow free from my heart
The scent of memories lingering
Like smoke of a snuffed candle
Dispersing into nothing

Let the hopes I want remain unsaid.


7 Responses to “It’s finally done”

  1. ViviaN said

    Ahh so this is what u meant…lol…

    I hope you found what you wanted to find, dearie. Wasn’t easy for me…wasn’t for you…but it’s done. XD

  2. Thanks Viv, Ti. *Hugs*

  3. Errr… I’m lost but I certainly detect a sense of sadness in this poetic post and my heart goes out to you. Be at peace, imouto-chan!

  4. Thanks, Onii-chan.

    Leo: ….

  5. Lord Zhilbar said

    *Just. Hugs*

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