May 8, 2006

Most of you would know that I, on the whole, abhor taking medication, especially pills. I disapprove of taking any drugs unless ill (Leo will know this QUITE well).

Which is why I decided to be an attention-seeker and announce to the whole world that I took some Panadol (aspirin to all non-Malaysians) today. Ok, it was a minor headache… but I SHOULDN’T NEED IT! *Breaks down*

This has been my daily dose of insanity. Thank you for listening. reading.


3 Responses to “Panadols”

  1. Tiara said

    Panadol isn’t aspirin, it’s the brand name for paracetamol. Aspirin’s something completely different.

  2. tan yi liang said

    Seconds Ti’s comment above. Pat, Panadol and Aspirin are two wholly separate drugs- don’t get them mixed up.. 😛

    And aiyah, it’s ok to pop pills when you’re in pain. After all they were invented for a reason.

  3. Gah.

    Sorry. They’re both kind of generic painkillers, which was why I equated them to be the same.

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