Swimfest, the Food

May 25, 2006

Because it’s the main thing I remember and the photos to follow…

Pasar Malam outing and Steven’s Corner.

As usual, after every swimming outing, people will be hungry. So after much discussion, we decided to make it two-pronged: One assault on the Night Market (pasar Malam) and then hit Steven’s Corner (a popular teen hangout- heck, even I’ve heard of it). After bathing and such, we hit the NightMarket/Pasar Malam, where we were treated to an assortment of foods… MAINLY NON-HALAL. Sorry for the Muslims, but I love non-Halal food.

Among the things we had there was bubble tea. Go google it, I’m too brain dead to say anything more. XDXD There was fried chicken of various sorts (some with batter, that I did not buy, was feeling a bit full, now I regret it, CAUSE I AM HUNGRY! *Is thwapped* Sorry about that).

I also had some fried wantons, some LOVELY corn in cup (butter, corn, salt and a bit of milk, I believe), general drinks (BUBBLED TEA!!) and various other foods. By the end of it all, I was already feeling a bit full. Nevertheless I managed to find enough money space to get some honeyed chicken wings. Those were good, though by the time I managed to sink my teeth into them they were cold.

At Steven’s corner, we sat down to some drinks and generally chit-chat, where Mogi turned out to be a favourite food of cats… He kept being *tasted* by one cat, who loved both his toes and his fingers. Now all his conversation on skype makes sense… All that screaming for the cat….

Ok. Enough now. I shall now see if the spambots have managed to get into my blog again.


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  1. Go to mogi’s lj desu.

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