July 24, 2006

Crossposted to my LJ and RL Journal, because I feel strongly about this.

Apparently the majority of youths in Malaysia, according to the National Youth Opinion Poll on Civic Engagement favour morality being regulated by the Government.

It seems to be sending out one VERY clear message to EVERYONE WHO READS THE SURVEY.


Think about it.

You want someone else to regulate what is essentially part of YOUR own personal sphere. It’s the same thing with religion. Why allow someone else to dictate what is essentially your own beliefs? (I’m not talking about the major core beliefs like Praying 5 times a day, meditating, or that Christ is your Saviour. I’m talking about whether befriending people of the different religions and whether you choose to wear a headgear or not). Why?

Are you too afraid?

Would you rather let the Government do it and then be able to tell God, “The Government said that Kissing is Bad but Racing is Ok, that’s why I’m here.”

Cause I don’t think that God/the Universe/ Higher Being is going to buy that.

At the end of the Day, How you live your life, the rules you choose to obey, break, or even change are all that; YOUR CHOICES.

Stop running away, cowards. Stand up and take responsibility for your choices.

This may seem harsh… But I’m pissed at people who seem to think that leaving EVERYTHING TO THE GOVERNMENT AND THEN EXPECT THINGS TO GO SMOOTHLY absolves them of all guilt. And when it doesn’t, they blame the Government.


7 Responses to “Morality”

  1. Edmund said

    They’re just not aware that they should get used to how the world is being unfair.

  2. Lord Zhilbar said

    …That’s just utterly, UTTERLY stupid. Don’t they realize that getting a government to enforce MORALITY is a pretty sure bet that they’re going to be the first ones under? It’s a lead pipe cinch that the morality decided won’t be THEIRS.

  3. Edmund: That may be true, but it still smacks of running away from responsibility.

    Zhilbar: Exactly the reason why most of us are against it.

  4. Edmund said

    Most people think that their opinions matter to the government. But I think you know better.

  5. Sol said

    cuz they’re sheep, the blasted lot o’ them!!!
    remember, boyz & girls;

    Ignorance is Strength
    Freedom is Slavery
    War is Peace

  6. Edmund: I do know better. If the government doesn’t hear it… we pass it to people close to the government. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    WELL SAID. ^_^

    Two comments were removed at the request of the author. ^_^

  7. Sol said

    {{grinz @ her}}

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