Short Vacation

August 10, 2006

Ok… for all those who didn’t know (and I’m sorry that Phil couldn’t leave a note telling you guys, it was an oversight on my part) I was in Kuantan, Pahang for a short holiday with my family. This was a two night, three day trip that turned out to be less a vacation and more of a literal trip. It was tiring.

The trip can be summed up into good, bad, and “Bwuh” sections:

– Jacuzzi was a proper Jacuzzi. Warm water, great jets, very relaxing. ]

– Beach was gorgeous

– Food everywhere was great, but especially this small little place called “Mail Ikan Bakar dan Lala Bakar” (basically grilled fish and oysters). It was a bit pricey, but the food was worth it. Best place to eat Grilled Fish besides Umbai.


– The hotel has an anal policy regarding towels; apparently you’re only allowed three maximum to a room (for Deluxe rooms). My bro and dad both got extra towels from the bellboy, and when the chambermaid came into our room to tidy up, and she took away ALL the towels and gave us new ones. My peeve with that was: If we had brought our own white towels and they had been taken away, would the hotel have returned it?

– Hotel’s pool is 5 feet deep. That means the water came up to my nose. I panicked a few times while playing about it, but in a good note, it did help me learn how to relax. Now if only I can learn how to float on my back…

– Souvenirs were expensive, so I didn’t buy any. *Waa*

Bweh is because of a dream I had…

I watched Prison/La Break with my brother. And ended up having a dream of Dominic Purcell’s Dracula from Blade:Trinity appear in my dreams, very XXX rated.

What the nyaa?


4 Responses to “Short Vacation”

  1. What the nyaa indeed! When I saw the category “Sexual/Sensual” you put this post under, I nearly fell off my chair!

    I had thought you “scored” with a guy while you’re on vacation! I was just thinking “Ah, naughty Naoko!” Hehehe!

    Glad you had a vacation, we all need a vacation in a year…some need more vacations than the others…like me ^_^ I think I’ve been on vacation twice already this year, and a few more are coming up!

  2. Lord Zhilbar said


    You should know that I am amused, dear Naoko!

  3. ‘Nii-chan, glad you found it amusing and yes, you have more vacations than me.

    Zhil: -_-“

  4. ViviaN said

    Hehe…dream on, sistah!
    And I crave seafood….

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