PC Fair

August 13, 2006

Short summary:

RM210 for THREE 1 gig drives.

RM29 for a better resolution webcamera than my RM80 Logitech Quickcam Pro.

RM62 for a HDD casing for my bro.

All within budget. WOOT!


4 Responses to “PC Fair”

  1. aoi_futaba said

    29 ringgit webcam is better than a 80 rnggit somemore a logitech one ?

    what brand is that ? can show me how good is the quality of the cam you have now , the 29 one ?

  2. Aoi: I show later tonight when I got home. Am at work and exhausted now. }{

  3. aoi_futaba said

    want a backrub ?

    I wont promise you the exhaustion will go away but oh well it is something 🙂

  4. LOL, no worries. Just need some rest. Thanks though.

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