Bokura No Love Style

September 3, 2006

Ouran Charrie Song for the Twins (as someone requested). Personally I don’t like the song myself, but it’s cute. Translations are here

kimi no miteru me no mae hoka no ko to no oshaberi Oh No, No, No
waza to misetsukeru no wa shite hoshikute yakimochi Oh Yes, Yes, Yes

chatting with some girl while you’re watching Oh No, No, No
I’m showing off to make you jealous Oh Yes, Yes, Yes

My darling Please ai ni wa My darling Please sukoshi no
shougai aru to motto moeagaru mono

my darling, please – love is more exciting
if there are some obstacles in its way

sore ga bokura no love style ai no katachi sa love style
I need you, I want you, Forever
kore ga futari no love sytle doko made datte love style
you are mine, I’m yours, forever Only you, love you

that’s our love style, our way of loving
I need you, I want you forever
this is our love style, thoroughly our love style
you are mine, I’m yours forever only you, love you

sukoshi yarisugita ka na? maji de okoraseta ka na? Oh No, No, No
dakishimete ageru kara nakanaori wo shiyou yo Oh Yes, Yes, Yes

maybe I overdid it a little… did I really make you angry? Oh No, No, No
I’ll give you a hug, let’s make up Oh Yes, Yes, Yes

My darling Please kizuna wa My darling Please fuan wo
norikoete koso tsuyoku fukaku naru mono

my darling, please – our bond
becomes stronger and deeper if we overcome our insecurities

sore ga bokura no love style tsukisusumu no sa love style
I need you, I want you, Forever
kore ga futari no love style itsumade datte love style
you are mine, I’m yours, forever Only you, love you

that’s our love style, that’s how we go ahead
I need you, I want you forever
this is our love style forever and ever our love style
you are mine, I’m yours forever only you, love you


33 Responses to “Bokura No Love Style”

  1. Ayu-chan said


  2. KittyBlue said

    Thank you for posting this!!
    I’ve been looking for the english translations for sometime now!

  3. Kimmi said

    arigatou gozaimasu ^^

  4. Tenchi Bery said

    OMG!!! I just got a copy of this song and when I relised it was Karou and Hikaru I had to go find lyrics quickly. I checked but they don’t even have an ouran section. This makes me REALLY happy! ^.^ HONTOU, DOMO ARIGATO!!!

  5. Nakoko said

    Arigato naaa!
    This song is one of my favorites, and singing it at club will be a blast! Thanks so much for the lyrics!!

  6. i+MiYa said

    Aaaah~~ ARIGATOU !!
    I needed the lyrics to sing with the band next week. You saved my life !!

  7. To all, you’re welcome. ^_^

    i+MiYa: BREAK A LEG! 🙂

  8. Kya! Thank you so much. I hope you don’t mind if I take this and use it on my wordpress account. ^.^; I’ll give you full credit, I promise. I’m also going to use the other character songs too if you don’t mind. ^.^; I promise I’ll give you credit though. I know it’s not really YOURS, but that’s okay, because you credited the people it came from.

  9. That’s fine, a4chin. As long as you give credit to the original people, I really don’t mind.


  10. ^.^! Squee! I haven’t been working on mine lately. I need to remember to update it, especially when I’m bored. I haven’t borrowed anything yet, but I did link to your page lol.

  11. M said

    this song is so romantic! it makes me think of the boy i like

  12. kern said

    ahhh i love this song!!! although the first time i listened to it i thought it was kaoru singing the hikaru part and hikaru singing kaoru’s part. u know what i mean? their voices sound switched. but that’s okay!! yayyyy!!

  13. M said

    my bro thinks this song is retarded but i think its romantic!


  14. amythest said

    i completely luv luv luv this song!!! hikaru and kaoru are my fav characters!!! thanks thanks thanks, arigato!!!

  15. galaxy said

    i love this soooong ilove kaoru his sooo cute but what the differen haha !!

  16. cheesy person! ^_^ said

    domou arigatou gozaimasu


    Kao-kun to Hika-kun no seiyu wa dare desu ga?

  17. Niezj said

    Are you looking for the Hikaru & Kaoru voice actors? (if so: yay! I know what it means ^^) The actors are: Hikaru-Kenichi Suzumura and Kaoru-Yoshinori Fujita. I’m sorry, my English sucks, I’m Dutch xD

  18. Iras said

    Very nice ~ makes me wonder if it was directed to Haruhi or eachother though…

  19. OnceWasARose said

    Awww i love this song!! Kaoru is so sweet!!

  20. xerez said

    thank you for being a complete genius and posting the lyrics! i wanted to sing it the moment my ears twitched at the sound of the twin’s voice! right now i am singing my sore throat out!XP..*yep, with all the hand movements, and face expressions and dancing and..i’ll stop!^^

  21. haru-chan said

    i love this song

  22. lordmarcel said

    this is great!!!! im so gonna make my two friends sing this song for everyone!!!! wahahahah

  23. Ritsuka said

    Ooooh! This song makes me so happy! =D Hikaru + Kaoru = awesomeness. *sigh* I love them so much… ^_^ Thank you so much for posting.

  24. Kaoru said

    I luv this song!!! =D Hikrau sings it so awesom! I like Kaoru’s voice 2, but Hikaru’s is better. They sound so cute though ^_^ … And hot XD

  25. Kaoru-chan said

    I might sing this song with a friend somday =D

  26. Nikki ;]]] said

    omg i love this song. 😀

  27. loveless.girl! said

    thanks for the song, I realliy like it!!! =D Hikaru and Kaoru oohhhhhh cute cute cute!!! is very sweet and I loooooooooove it!!!! I can hear it once and once again jajajajaaaa!!!

  28. nancy thao said


  29. yourmom8D said

    this song is so sexy : D

  30. xXanimeXx said


  31. SKR said

    I love ouran ^^ watch it few years ago but started listening to de songs recently. It makes me wants to re-watch th whole anime again ^^

  32. kyo said

    kawaii! I loves the twins! me and my firend sung this for a talent show and won! it totally worked cause she has a lower voice than me and we’re almost twins, we even did the dance and everything! arigatto to you becase the lyrics came from your site! Daisuki! ❤

  33. Mrs.KaoruHitachiin said

    I just died fangirling.


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