September 19, 2006

I have preview tickets. Or will most likely have. Am planning to grab 4 tickets (if that’s not too much, emily).

Who wants to follow? It’s on 27 September.

Luc, I’m looking at you, lil sis. And wild.


2 Responses to “59MINUTES!”

  1. aoi_Futaba said

    what is the movie about

  2. Melissa said

    Hi there. I’m one of the producers from 59minutes. We’re really glad that you are interested in our show and thanks a lot for blogging about it.

    We would definitely like to invite you for the preview show next Wednesday night but unfortunately, we can only give out one free ticket. I’m really sorry if there was any misunderstanding about this. Hope this is okay for you. We would really like for you to attend.

    Thanks again.

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