September 20, 2006

In Thailand.

Stock prices are already dropping. Investors are pulling out. Will they pull out of Malaysia? Hidayat seems to think so, but I rather doubt it, though I think there will be a spillover effect.

I’m more worried about the people in Thailand though. Please check with your loved ones, especially those in Thailand on their safety.

I think the border should be ready for a REAL influx of refugees now.


3 Responses to “COUP D’ETAT”

  1. aoi_Futaba said

    well so far there is not much peoples running away , for it is a very peacefull coup

    Im waiting for the king comment thought for the army is loyal to the king not the president . wonder what will he say

  2. Like Aoi has mentioned, things are relatively calm and peaceful…for now. Things happened quite quickly and suddenly that the coup have yet to sink into people’s consciousness. I hope Thaksin will do the gentlemanly thing by really stepping down and go into exile in USA. For his sake, he better not step back into the country. People aren’t really that happy with him right now.

  3. That is true, but I’m still worried and I still think there could be a backlash.

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