Internet is down

October 3, 2006

As per subject.

Damnit, just one day and I already missed a page on my LJ friends. *is terrified to open her bloglines*


9 Responses to “Internet is down”

  1. aoi_futaba said

    lol … and I have hard time to think of what to comment at peoples blog

    very tired from work

  2. LOL.

    How was the first day?

  3. aoi_futaba said

    very nice … the peoples are friendly , the company is small , the workload is alot , the kitchen is nice , the toilet smell good , the walk is good exercise , the programming is great …

    now only left her to make my life complete , lol

    where you work ?

  4. Yay! Good for you!

    Brem Towers. :p

  5. aoi_futaba said

    hmm look close … I see if I can walk to it or not 😛

    then I can teman you walk back everyday
    if you want that is

    dont worry IM good guy , nyuk nyuk nyuk

  6. LOL, Never mind I take car. ^_^

  7. aoi_futaba said


    so nice 😦

  8. aoi_futaba said

    I want to take car too but very expensive

    come come we find a place to life in kelana jaya

    I will be good house husband dont worry

    nyuk nyuk nyuk

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