Random musings

October 6, 2006

Life has been…. interesting.

Work… I’ve been promoted, I suppose, to being a trainer as opposed to merely a simple email monkey. The job sounds good so far, but I’ll need to see if it comes with an extra paycheque. :p

Gwargh. Need to dl stuff. 🙂


4 Responses to “Random musings”

  1. aoi_futaba said

    does trainer come with whip and banana ?


  2. Congrats on being promoted to a trainer… when you’ll be a supervisor next?

    And please, please oh please change your blog theme!!! I fell off my chair in fright of your frightfully pink theme! Eeeeeyyeeecccch!

  3. Ok…nevermind about your blog theme…just saw your Go Pink for October post…

    I’ll just skip on your blog for this month… :p

  4. ViviaN said

    Congrats!!! XD

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