October 21, 2006


May your life be filled with light this coming year and not with the light of ignorance like some pompous people. 🙂


2 Responses to “HAPPY DEEPAVALI”

  1. journeyofadreamer said

    Er… the comment box, eh?

    *puts on my best “Devil Wears Prada” persona* Well, the layout is interesting, I like the soft blue color that brings out soft magic but I wonder if the background could be more flashy. Darling, white is SO blah. And dear, the musical astro-girl is beautiful but spiky hair passed out of style last decade with DragonBall. Now everyone is into more realistic hairstyles aka Gunslinger Girl and even Sailor Moon. Creative hairstyling is in.

    *phases out, shivering as he scared himself*

  2. The contents of this comment has been removed due to gibberish

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