Innocent Kiss

January 24, 2007

Random piece I worked up in a few minutes at work. May not be complete. ^_^

It had started with an innocent kiss.

They were seated together at a table with friends, his arms around her tightly and she leaning back against him. From time to time, one or the other would speak up, mainly her as she was the more vocal of the two. She would straighten up and gesture, and then satisfied that she had had her say, she would lean back against him again. He would merely give a wry smile, but his hands never left her waist, holding on to her as though he was afraid she was nothing more than a dream. She put her hands on his when she leant back, enjoying his warmth. It was a comfortable position for both.

He was warm against the chill of the place, and comfortable. With his chin resting on the top of her head, she felt like she could just fall asleep there and then, but the conversation was far too stimulating. Even so, her exhaustion caught up to her, and soon she was sleeping, listening to the steady beat of his heart. He was careful not to wake her, shifting a little so that he could cradle her better. While their friends talked deep into the night, they spent the night sleeping peacefully.

For now, simply being together was enough.

Hmm… I might use this as a “What If” piece. After all, with the chemistry Naoko and Ta’Lern have, I’d be surprised if they had not tried to hook up, at least once. Before this whole thing went south, I mean. ^_^ Wordcount: 240… I think.


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