5 day weekends

May 2, 2007

Are love.

Sayang came down for the weekend, and we got to spend most of the days together (though with chaperones most of the time- bleh) I had a lot of fun with him. We also did quite a number of usual couple things that I rarely did with my previous boyfriends (which makes the memories all the more precious!) such as:

2. Play DoTA together (damnit I’m addicted to the game now)
3. Play Magic:The Gathering (*kisses koibito* Mrrow?)
4. Watch a movie together (Spiderman 3 has WAYYYYYY too much subtext towards the end)
5. Played badminton together
6. Cut our hair together (we look weird, but I love messing with his hair now :P)
7. Swimming!
8. Slept on his shoulder on the train… (and I never felt more loved :3)
9. Went to the library to read
10. I love you, Raz.

Be safe and take care, my love.


2 Responses to “5 day weekends”

  1. Tiara said

    !!! Mark LOVES Magic: The Gathering. Tiba tiba.


    GeminianEyes: Where got? XD Actually have been interested in Magic for a long time, just rarely play one. XD

  2. raz said

    Welcome hope you like the jacket, though should had get you the smexy white top too.

    Love you pat, *hugs and kisses*

    GeminianEyes: Love you too, dearest one. And the smexy top was see through! How to wear? *Blushes*

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