May 10, 2007

Sillier Days:

Bottom, from left: “OMG It’s nearly over” VP Wild, Dreamy “Lalala, Photoshoot after this” Lac, Smiley Kitsy “My girlgirl is taking pics(?)”, Blond “I can kick ass with my keyblade” Sizer, “Nyaaing Reigning Queen of BL in CF” Kidchan, Me looking blur in blue, and “This year’s Green hair candidate” RRJ.

Second row, from left: “O Shit she looks like a girl!” Zymz, “I ran out of clothes” Dusty, Wolverine Zend with Afro Max (o shit what a combination!), from back to front: “Shiny Jacket” Hisa, “Sweet like tea but more kick ass” Teh-O, “I don’t think anyone can see me” Lee/Otter, Smug Roy~ aka Izzu (NOT ISUZU).

Then there’s “Girl in Black Maid Outfit FTW” Dai, “Japanese scholar who’s head is next to Dai” Renren, Smiling Otousan behind Renren Elder, “ABUNAI” Haruhi Mintochu~, Red hat and My Chombi/Chambal pair: “Fruity” Shun and “Emo Reserve” Aiko, “Behind Aiko Powered by Sugar” Deru!, Not too sure who’s behind her, “Head brightened by Sun” Juufan, “Cute but don’t mess with me” Silvy.

Girl with blond hair not sure, but next to her is “GLOMPABLE AND SO VERY NAUGHTY” May, and obscured by the light is Iluna.


Too many ppl are missing. Especially Razraz. 😦


2 Responses to “IRCFIESTA@C2AGE”

  1. may_billy said

    Glompable…ack,been glomped by too many people that day.XD

  2. jenny said

    More good friends.Rgds Jenny

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