August 4, 2007

1. Get bus tickets
2. Finish off work (some reports)
3. Finish off article for Andrew- should get started on that before I leave the house – Didn’t do it in the end, told Andrew so. Sorry Andrew!
4. Get headsets from PC Fair Listening to them now.
5. Go to Penang next week
6. Get more freelancing jobs
7. Finish Baldur’s Gate
8. Really start working towards getting a home of my own
9. Cosplaying is still shelved
10. Get birthday presents for Raz (yes I know it’s still quite early)

With regards to 5:
– Visit Uncle Carroll’s grave
– See how Boss (IRC) is doing
– Go shopping
– Go church


One Response to “Listie!”

  1. pelf said

    Kekekke.. I wonder how many things can be checked off in that list, LOL.. I’m actually laughing at myself for never being able to accomplish everything written down in the list. Perhaps I should start listing down things that I want to do, instead of things I should be doing, LOL.

    Geminianeyes: LOL. That was why I listed down. Unless they’re resolutions, I can generally get my to-do list done well. 🙂

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