Broken Shield and Sword? What the heck?

Broken Shield and Sword is from this lovely song entitled Small of Two Pieces. Sung in English and originally for the game Xenogears, it’s a haunting song with several lines that could have been written for my characters.

Broken Shield refers to Kurei Kishan, whose main duty is to protect Sukina. Naoko, on the other hand, functions more like a Sword. It’s her duty to strike where Sukina commands. Sukina is also called the Singing Key, which is why Songs of the Season are her only crown refers to her.

Just who the heck are you?

Who, me? I’m a twenty-something young woman,with dark brown eyes and deeply brown auburn hair and a distinct tan. I’m attracted to geeks, happen to find men with spectacles and a brain to match it VERY ATTRACTIVE.

Any pets?

Online? Of course! I have quite a few pets, all made by Kimi and Meri! These pets though, are for display purposes only! They also function as bribes for my muses, who normally work quite hard.

Silky 1!This little one belongs to Sukina.

Silky 2!This one belongs to Naoko.


4 Responses to “FAQs”

  1. I want a wierd buggy thingy pet too!

  2. Rin said

    I saw one of your comments and noticed that you were planning a cosplay cafe. Is it possible for you to tell me more about it? Email will do. Thank you so much.

  3. Rin: Eh? Where?

    It’s on comicfiesta. Someone was talking about making a cosplay cafe. Not sure of the details now.

  4. Max said

    (^_)^ those slimes are awesome, where or how do you make them?

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