June 27, 2007

Reposted with permission.

Yesterday I posted about the 4th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations in August, a global event that links young leaders with each other and with prominent people in social change, to learn about culture, leadership, and international issues, as well as work on UN resolutions and youth projects. Previous participants Girls and Boys Town program graduate Sharnise and National Society of High School Scholars member Daniel Sayani have written up reports on their past experiences, citing it as a positive, educational, and life-changing experience.

I have applied to be part of this year’s Youth Assembly, and I need help. To get the full experience of the Assembly, including the Leadership Seminar and the New York tour (amongst others), I need to sign up for a Travel Package. This package costs US$2300 (RM7952) and includes seminars, tours, accommodation, meals, inter-NY transport, as well as exclusive meetings and workshops. I also will get voting rights on UN resolutions to be presented by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in October.

I’m fundraising for the package fees, and I’m including an extra challenge:

If I get at least US$2300 by the end of July, I will donate RM1000 (USD$289) to UNICEF Malaysia.

If I do not make it for any reason, I will donate what I get to UNICEF.

I will be blogging about my Assembly experiences at EducateDeviate during the trip. I am also considering setting up a Sponsor’s Thank You event to talk about my experiences and to allow UNICEF Malaysia to promote and fundraise for themselves. (This is subject to negotiation.)

Support Me

You can support my journey in the following ways:

Support UNICEF - Get Tiara To The UN! and make a donation at !

This button will lead you to my Pledgie page, where you can make a donation (named or anonymous). All donations will lead to my PayPal account, which I will use to pay the Travel Package fees. You don’t need a PayPal account to contribute; credit cards work fine. The RM1000 that’s going to UNICEF will come out of my own pocket. Any money I get above and beyond the US$2300 will go towards UNICEF.

Every dollar helps. Even if you can only spare $1, that’s fine. It all adds up, and either way, UNICEF gets money.

You can also sponsor me through providing the following:

  • Plane tickets, preferably Brisbane – New York – Brisbane or similar – I’ll be in university at the time (Aug 8 – 18), and the Travel Package doesn’t include travel to and from New York. If you are from an airline or know someone from an airline that’s willing to help out, let me know!
  • Airline miles – I’m an Enrich (Malaysia Airlines) member and have some miles, though not enough for a NY roundtrip.
  • Digital camera – I don’t have one. On loan is fine; I’ll return it safe and sound.
  • Business cards or MOO Cards – to distribute to networks during the Assembly. I’ve got some but not many!
  • Souvenirs of Malaysia – to give away to people during the Assembly (here’s a great marketing opportunity!)
  • Anything else that may be handy – I already have some things (like a laptop and a phone) but if you can suggest anything else, that’s fine.

If you are providing something in kind, please also consider contributing financially too.

For this to work, more people will need to know about it. PASS IT ON! Use the following links:

This entry:

  • Pledgie Page:
  • Feel free to email this to anyone and everyone you know, post it on blogs/forums/websites/etc, or write up about it in your press articles. I do kindly ask that you don’t spam anyone with this information: make sure it’s relevant to the place you’re posting it to.

    What Do You Get?

    By sponsoring me, you will:

    • Be linked to in a special Thank-You post on EducateDeviate, with information about your services (if applicable)
    • Have the opportunity for you and your products to be promoted to a global audience (if providing in-kind support)
    • Be invited to a tentative Sponsor’s Thank-You event, where I will share my experiences and promote UNICEF
    • Be associated with supporting youth, the United Nations, and global leadership initiatives
    • Be mentioned in any article written about the experience, if possible
    • Receive plenty of good karma

    If you have any more ideas of what you’d like as a sponsor, comment here or let me know.

    The Youth Assembly is less than two months away and I need to pay up very quickly to retain a seat. I stand by my pledge to support UNICEF no matter the outcome. Please support me in this challenge and support UNICEF too.

    If you have any questions or comments, comment on this entry or contact me.

    Thank you and have a great day!



    May 1, 2007


    15 000 WORDS

    Written: 15191 (including drafts).


    Nanowriye Verification

    April 12, 2007

    Jan – Mar:

    MS Word = 10099
    Google Docs = 10198
    Average = 10148

    That is still FAR too little. I can do better! YOSH!

    Sugar-induced post

    April 10, 2007

    BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!! I finally have a script idea for Animax thanks to DMJewelle, and let me just say… PHEAR MY SUGAR HIGH!!!!!

    Seriously, last night it was bubble tea, this morning it’s Milo + coffee. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    And yes, it will star the cast of CF-ers. And we all know what insane full of crack kind of people they are. *Evil cackle* Should I also have a “Sugar-Induced” Category? *Looks at her categories aka tags*

    And for those who are interested…


    Divine Beings:

    Hentai God- Rylands (no website pulak, and he’s the boss of the IRC channel!)
    Yaoi Goddess – Zymz (who is also selling doujin btw)
    Typo God- Hisashi (who needs more crack)

    The rest I shall keep under wraps until after the contest. Will most likely start writing it tomorrow, when my brain has finished its cycle of “Insane Setting/Plot ideas now it’s time to actually WRITE.” ^_^

    I’ve only watched till episode 29 (Blood+), so please forgive me if this seems a bit OOC. Takes place during the pre-Diva days.

    Challenge: 4A
    Title: Rainy Cello
    Author: Naoko
    Series: Blood+
    Rating: G
    Wordcount: 275
    Spoilers: None, I think.

    Hagi was wet.

    Saya was dry.

    Hagi’s face was impassive, but his eyes spoke volumes. Volumes that Saya either chose to ignore, or remain oblivious to. She was, after all, still not too used to human emotions, but she had had enough experience in directing servants. Having given instructions to the servants with regards to their clothing, she took the towel from the servant’s hands and gently wiped Hagi’s face, treating him like the little brother she had grown up with. That servant retrieved the umbrella Hagi had used to protect Saya from the rain, and then left the two of them alone.

    It was raining cats and dogs outside, but they were warm inside. Saya sat Hagi down on the chair and dried his hair, displaying unusual tenderness. When she had dried his hair, she left the now-wet towel on his shoulders and went to the window. Hagi stood up.

    “Saya? What’s wrong?” his voice was husky.

    “Why did you choose to protect me from the rain?” Saya was not used to acts of kindness.

    “I did not want you to get wet.”

    “I see,” she kept staring out the window. The rain was a gloomy time, but she and Hagi would often practise his cello in the rain. “Play for me, Hagi,” it was not a request.

    “If you wish,” he turned to get his cello.

    “Wait!” Hagi stopped at her words. “Go change your clothes. I don’t want you to drip all over my floor,” even after all these years, Saya was still a little abrupt with him.

    “If you wish,” he left her.

    FST Singles

    April 2, 2007

    I can post Singles (as in album singles, not the theme being singles) for FSTs in April.

    Hopefully I can remember to post them up. ^_^

    Cosplay plans on hold

    March 26, 2007


    Until I’m settled into this job, I’m putting my cosplay plans on hold. That means Kio from Loveless and Count D from Petshop of Horrors. I really apologise for the sudden change, but I need to get my finances and life back in order before I can think of cosplaying.

    I’ll know by October whether Kio can be done (which will leave me 3 months to get the cosplay into order… ghetto again?).

    Count D is definitely out of the question this year. Gomen to whoever was expecting me as that (which I know no one was. :P)

    Male hands

    February 27, 2007

    Work in progress. Will be back to edit it later.

    Her kisses made him feel drunk.

    Her lips, he thought as he kissed her again, were wet and smooth, yet sweetly textured like a fruit that one can never have enough of. The kisses they shared were the innocent kind; the sweet ones where kisses played on the lips. She had a hand on his cheek, caressing him. The other was around his waist, holding him close. He had both arms around her, one on the shoulder and the other around her waist. He had not realised that it was easy to be seduced by kisses.

    Especially if you were in love with the person you were kissing.

    He broke off their kiss for a moment.

    “What was that?” he asked her, breathless. She smiled at him tenderly.

    “It was just a kiss,” she pulled his head towards her, kissing him again, but that was not what he was asking. Since when had he fallen for her? When had this sweet, intense feeling taken over him?

    He slid his hands under her as he lay half on top of her body. This felt right and natural to him. Although he knew that this was his first time holding someone like this, it felt good. He was more occupied with the lips of the girl below him to think any more than that though. She was warm and he wanted her heat. As he nuzzled her neck, he could feel her relaxing completely. She trusted him fully, and he knew at that point in time, that she loved him as much as he did her.

    After a little while, he stopped kissing her, raising himself on his elbows to look down on her. The quizzical look on her face said it all. He smiled and shook his head, bending down to capture her lips once more. Somehow they moved, and when they did, he found himself between her legs, pressing against her, and she with a mysterious smile on her face. His voice shook as he asked, and she simply smiled. They were doing more than just sweet kisses now, exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues.

    Just as she reached for him, he heard someone calling his name.


    “Seo?” she looked worried for him, wiping his brow with a cold towel.

    FSTs to be made

    February 26, 2007

    I blame this mainly on my pet sisters. Damnit but all these are so tempting! Shall put up songs that may fit the bills later.

    Aiep what have I gotten myself into???

    Edit: FST means Fan SoundTracks.

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    CHAPTER 7: Giruvegan Enigma

    November 13, 2006

    Cut for those who can’t read too long. 😛
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