Back from Kapas

July 30, 2007

Full report in a few days as I catch up on work and Blogathon. See you guys around!

In a summary:

Best Experience I’ve had in a long while, Worst Resort ever.


Fave flavours?

May 4, 2007

Now, a number of people know that I love instant noodles, especially the ones in a cup (and yes, I know they’re unhealthy). My favourite happens to be Mamee’s Fried Onion flavour. It’s not as salty as Maggi’s, and there’s something more delicious than Maggi’s usual Chicken (which was my favourite as a kid).

What about yours?


February 6, 2007

I am alive. No, seriously. Just been too tired and distracted to blog lately.

On a random note, I’ll be heading to Penang this coming Friday night. I seriously need the break from family and work. Onii-chan, do I need to bring towels, or will the YMCA (yes, go ahead and snigger, I have that song in my head now) provide them?

Also, who knows the fastest way from the Butterworth Train Station to the Ferry landing? Teh Internet Webz is of no use on this. Thanks!


August 20, 2006

Recipe for mediocrity (aka Honeyed Cheese Omelette):

2 Eggs
Some honey (in my case I got some from a hotel- Blue Gum Honey from Mandarin Oriental)
1 small block of unsalted butter (Fernleaf and from another hotel, you know the ones in the small containers they serve at breakfast?)
1 slice of cheese (Sol is so going to kill me)

Break one egg, then take a dollop of honey and beat until you no longer feel the heaviness that’s the honey (this honey had been kept in the fridge). Then break second egg, mix with the first, and beat again. If you want it to be extra sweet, then add more honey, but personally I think one dollop’s enough.

Set aside.

Heat pan and then toss in the unsalted butter. Make sure that the pan doesn’t have any water and neither does the butter, or else you’ll cause it to smoke. If it does, lower fire immediately and holding the handle, twirl the pan so that the butter coats the surface. (Note: Best done with long handled skillets/frying pans, whichever you prefer). Toss in eggs and you should hear that satisfying frying sound.

While eggs are still liquid, throw in the cheese. This can be done two ways; either you put the slice of cheese into the center of the egg and then cover the cheese from the sides (making a sort of pocket) or else, do what I do. Tear slice up and throw them piece by piece into egg, and then scrambling it. Note that this has to be done very quickly, so that both cheese and eggs do not get get burnt. DO NOT PUT SALT.

When done, take out and serve. Unfortunately mine leaves a lot to be desired. (Pics behind cut for bandwidth).

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Howdy everyone!

Naoko’s Onii-chan here! She has informed me to inform you faithful readers of her blog here that she will be away today and tomorrow on an exciting family vacation!

She will only return Wednesday tomorrow night, so don’t fret about her and please do give her a break. She really needed it and I’m sure that once she returns, she’ll be so rejuvenated and refreshed that she’ll be bouncing off the walls and running all over the place non-stop like the Energizer bunny!

So, while she’s away, do amuse yourselves by visiting her archives for a one-of-a-kind “blast to the past” experience and also support her fellow bloggers like myself! ^_^

‘Til she returns, Naoko bids you all adieu and I shall now shut-up and go have lunch…

Ja, everyone! 🙂

I want a cam phone so that the next time I walk through the park near my office, I can take a picture of the monitor lizard I saw and post it.


Like accounting, doctoring (immensely important!), engineering- any job, IMHO that involves a very high degree of precision, technical know-how, and a logical mind. However, does everyone have to be pressured to score As, even if they don’t want to?

This is what prompted this entry. Now go read it before you come back. BTW, stop by EducateDeviate on your way back. That’s the author’s website on alternative education. ^_^


Back? Good. Primary and Secondary Education in Malaysia has been on a slide for a long time, regardless of what the government says. The emphasis and switch on scoring for Academics and forgetting everything else in the race for the moolah (or so some parents tell their children) has been nothing but detrimental to our society.

I told this to my mom (about Tiara’s article, I mean), who then proceeded to say that “I don’t force you to get all As,” which started my eyeroll (mom has got incredibly good selective memory coupled with excellent “Believe me” faces) and then said that this was due to the fact that people are having less children, sometimes only one in the family, so they compare their kids to other people’s kids to give themselves a pat on the back for raising fine children. This would be preposterous and funny if it weren’t for the fact that this happened to me.

So I made myself promise that if I had kids, I’d rather her/him (yes, I’ll be selfish and admit I want a daughter) I’d make her get A for being a kind person. I’d rather give her a treat for helping an elderly person cross the road than for a perfect test paper (On a side note, I once nearly got a perfect test paper in Std. 4). I would rather my daughter know right from wrong than for her to recite the values to me without understanding.

Of course, she’s got a right in return, to expect her mother to listen to her, to support her dreams no matter how ridiculous, to let her take and drop her extra classes (such as ballet and the like), to go for self-defence and swimming lessons (now I think that one I’ll make her go, just to be safe) and to be respected as an individual.

*Looks back on post*

Oh kay… sorry for disgressing, but please keep those links in mind. Or at least… READ THEM. ^_^

The Maiden and the Shepard

February 11, 2006

Old story, written about two years ago.

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Testing, testing

February 10, 2006

Now let’s see whether or not I get indigestion from making my own pasta, adding liberal amounts of water to the Prego sauce and forgoing the cheese completely.

OMG! I forgot to wash the plates! Be right back! XDXD

Edit: It’s now 7.17pm. I’m still alright. Eating the same thing for dinner. Woot!

Cotton, I mean Kapas Island

February 5, 2006

I visited Pulau Kapas (translated into Cotton Island if you want to be literal about it) for the first time about three years ago. Back then, the service was excellent. As soon as you landed, you were greeted by resort members and taken to the lobby (of sorts) served a drink, and then you were checked in and taken to your rooms. The staff were friendly and the service was good. Food was so-so.

The island itself though, it was beautiful. Pristine, quiet, and beautiful. Fishing was great, though by rights it was illegal. I rarely took part, preferring instead to play in the water and read while le parents and lil bro were busy catching that night’s dinner (literally. We had fish for lunch and dinner the day after check-in). Dad made friends with the boatman who eventually took us out (at his insistence) to go fishing. Frequently.

However, there were drawbacks. The electricity would be cut off sometime in the afternoon for a bit when the generators on the island would be refilled with diesel, and it happened during the hottest part of the day, so you could imagine our reaction.

The resort then was known as Primula Kapas Island Resort.

Three years on, not much has changed. The island, I mean. In fact, coming towards the tail end of the monsoon season (though not without it’s dangers) also means that the waters are unusually clear and beautiful. Going towards the island was fun (if you’re a rollercoaster fan) but it was also dangerous.

The waters though, were a clear blue, one of the clearest I have ever seen anywhere in Malaysia. Having been dragged throughout most of Peninsular Malaysia when I was growing up to beach resorts, I can safely say that waters like these were rare in Malaysia unless you were going to one of those premium beaches.

Once we hit the island, it took us some time to get everything to the lobby and then to the room. I was quite shocked at the change in the desk; the table had been replaced by a counter with the staff sitting quite a ways below, so it seemed that we were standing taller than them. This felt rather unfriendly to me. The customer service was good though.

The room was a big disappointment. It was smaller than I remembered, had no TV (I distincintly remembered they had one all those years ago), the toilet was dirty (no water had been thrown on the floor and it was sandy) and most importantly, NO HOT WATER.

I’ll let you all digest that fact, and end the review of Kapas Island, Part One, end here. Nite!