Back from Kapas

July 30, 2007

Full report in a few days as I catch up on work and Blogathon. See you guys around!

In a summary:

Best Experience I’ve had in a long while, Worst Resort ever.



February 6, 2007

I am alive. No, seriously. Just been too tired and distracted to blog lately.

On a random note, I’ll be heading to Penang this coming Friday night. I seriously need the break from family and work. Onii-chan, do I need to bring towels, or will the YMCA (yes, go ahead and snigger, I have that song in my head now) provide them?

Also, who knows the fastest way from the Butterworth Train Station to the Ferry landing? Teh Internet Webz is of no use on this. Thanks!

Howdy everyone!

Naoko’s Onii-chan here! She has informed me to inform you faithful readers of her blog here that she will be away today and tomorrow on an exciting family vacation!

She will only return Wednesday tomorrow night, so don’t fret about her and please do give her a break. She really needed it and I’m sure that once she returns, she’ll be so rejuvenated and refreshed that she’ll be bouncing off the walls and running all over the place non-stop like the Energizer bunny!

So, while she’s away, do amuse yourselves by visiting her archives for a one-of-a-kind “blast to the past” experience and also support her fellow bloggers like myself! ^_^

‘Til she returns, Naoko bids you all adieu and I shall now shut-up and go have lunch…

Ja, everyone! 🙂

I want a cam phone so that the next time I walk through the park near my office, I can take a picture of the monitor lizard I saw and post it.


Cotton, I mean Kapas Island

February 5, 2006

I visited Pulau Kapas (translated into Cotton Island if you want to be literal about it) for the first time about three years ago. Back then, the service was excellent. As soon as you landed, you were greeted by resort members and taken to the lobby (of sorts) served a drink, and then you were checked in and taken to your rooms. The staff were friendly and the service was good. Food was so-so.

The island itself though, it was beautiful. Pristine, quiet, and beautiful. Fishing was great, though by rights it was illegal. I rarely took part, preferring instead to play in the water and read while le parents and lil bro were busy catching that night’s dinner (literally. We had fish for lunch and dinner the day after check-in). Dad made friends with the boatman who eventually took us out (at his insistence) to go fishing. Frequently.

However, there were drawbacks. The electricity would be cut off sometime in the afternoon for a bit when the generators on the island would be refilled with diesel, and it happened during the hottest part of the day, so you could imagine our reaction.

The resort then was known as Primula Kapas Island Resort.

Three years on, not much has changed. The island, I mean. In fact, coming towards the tail end of the monsoon season (though not without it’s dangers) also means that the waters are unusually clear and beautiful. Going towards the island was fun (if you’re a rollercoaster fan) but it was also dangerous.

The waters though, were a clear blue, one of the clearest I have ever seen anywhere in Malaysia. Having been dragged throughout most of Peninsular Malaysia when I was growing up to beach resorts, I can safely say that waters like these were rare in Malaysia unless you were going to one of those premium beaches.

Once we hit the island, it took us some time to get everything to the lobby and then to the room. I was quite shocked at the change in the desk; the table had been replaced by a counter with the staff sitting quite a ways below, so it seemed that we were standing taller than them. This felt rather unfriendly to me. The customer service was good though.

The room was a big disappointment. It was smaller than I remembered, had no TV (I distincintly remembered they had one all those years ago), the toilet was dirty (no water had been thrown on the floor and it was sandy) and most importantly, NO HOT WATER.

I’ll let you all digest that fact, and end the review of Kapas Island, Part One, end here. Nite!

Public Transport

January 4, 2006

Malaysians are very often saddened over the very non-existent quality of the public transportation system in Malaysia, paticularly in the Klang Valley. We have a lot of good services (Putra, Star, RapidKL, Monorail), but they are badly managed, or in some cases, just plain scary. I’m covering Star today, so please be patient with my opinions.


Star LRT, the first LRT to run in Malaysia, was the pioneer and it shows. They have some of the best routes in town, but according to the NST (local English daily) today, it’s running at under 66% capacity. Compare it to Putra, which is running exceeding it’s capacity by 40%. I’ll be suggesting ways in they can improve today.
3. Accessibility

Anyone who’s ever ridden on Star will tell you that they are anything but accessible. And this is just for the abled-bodied. Can you imagine what it would be like if it were someone like Peter to ride on it? It is simply atrocius. There are no elevators, both within and without the station (with the exception of certain stations) and toilets are next to non-existent. Even if they do exist, they are not disabled-friendly and even the staff doesn’t tell you where it is at times.

2. Stations

The stations are to put it, simply forbidding. It’s dark. Lonely. Scary. In one case, it can be the alleyway for criminals. The tracks are not really protected, if you think about it. I’ve heard of one case where a boy and his sister nearly got robbed at one of the end stations of Star by people coming out of the bushes near the tracks. This also shows that security and staff presence is lacking.


Staff presence, with the exception of the ticket counters, is horrible. There is no staff anywhere! Everytime I go into a Star LRT station (with the exception of the PWTC station) I feel scared. There seems to be no one around, especially if you go after the peak hours. This leads to the last sentence as mentioned above. Safety does not seem to be a priority for Star, and until they start addressing that factor, I would rather walk than take the Star if I know how to get there.

Any more, anyone? (I know a lot of ppl read this blog. TALK, DAMNIT!)


December 27, 2005

Stayed at this place called Ancasa Resort AllSuites. It’s a nice place, actually, very popular. I think the reason for that is because the resort is very kid-friendly. They have one gameroom for kids, a poor excuse for an arcade, easy access to the beach, and three wading pools for kids. If that isn’t kid friendly, I don’t know what is.

The gardens (pictures will be up in a separate post after I edit them, it’s on mom’s phone) was quite nice. I spent a lovely 30 minutes there writing chapter 3 of Sugar High Muses in there, just sitting and listening to the burung tiong warble his heart out with the screams of children punctuating the air now and then.

There was even a gazebo with curtains. You know, the ones where there’s this small room without walls and only a roof? Something like this. This one had curtains. It looked so dreamy and romantic. Also the angle is just nice for some… honeymooners. Well… if you do it at night. *Wink*

Despite it being next to the beach, I didn’t go to the beach. Mainly cause I felt lazy. However, I would like to point out that the water in the pool was freezing. Only for the first few minutes. Then it got compfy. *Note to self: Must learn how to swim* Though I realise that I can now dogpaddle for a few feet before I have to come up for air.

Alright. Enough about the Hotel.

We went to this place called Mutiara Seafood Village for dinner. The food was decent, though it took a long time coming. For some reason they passed over us, though I remember them doing the same thing the last time I was there as well. Parents did not say anything about the service when they were there with relatives two months back, so it may just be my imagination.

Today there was a jam coming back. Gah.

I slept like a log when we got home. ^_^