Chapter 2: Awakening

May 10, 2007

735 words.

She awoke from her sleep with the cool breeze carressing her face. Opening her eyes, she sat up. The wind was coming in from the open window next to her. Turning, she lifted her face to the sky, letting it wash over her face. Opening her eyes, the first thing she saw was the full bright moon. She smiled at the moon, and then turned her attention to the beach. The full moon lighted up the night sky brilliantly, throwing many things into sharp focus, almost as though it was day. She did not even need to light a candle inside her room; it was that bright.

Her eyes roamed the horizons of the sea, trying to see if there were any ships passing by. Ships often passed this way, since they lived so close to Harbour. Tonight though, there were no ships out. It was too close to the rainy season, and although the sky was clear, most ships would have started to take shelter in the town and close trading for the season. Merchants were generally a pragmatic and practical lot; it was those who had nobles as backers that tended to take unnecessary risk. To make a really rich profit though, one had to sometimes take a calculated risk.

Or rather, throw everything you had into a venture that would make or break you.

She sighed. Stretching, she threw the thin blanket off her legs and put her feet into a pair of flat slippers. She deliberately chose not to wear night rove; the wind was deliciously cool after the heat of the day. Standing up, she reached for the small joss stick by the side of the bed. Going to a corner of the room, she laid the joss stick aside as she pulled out an incense burner and a small container. She reached into the jar to pull out a sealed pouch which she opened. Holding the pouch on the palm of her hand, she picked up the joss stick and poked at the dying embers of charcoal in the incense burner. As they flared, she reached into the pouch and extracted two tiny lumps of incense and dropped it on the red embers. The scent of myrrh immediately permeated the room, even as the wind snatched it away through the open window. Putting everything back, she used the ember to light the joss stick, then used the joss stick to light an oil lamp.

The soft, yellow light seemed woefully inadequate compared to the white moonlight, but the interior of the house was rarely touched by the sun, much less the moon. She carefully killed the joss stick and then left the room. The hallway was dark, and the weak light was better than nothing. Although she had memorised the layout of the house and it was relatively simple to navigate, she did not want to get used to this place. Her home was not here.

She made for the inner garden, the small oasis where the herbs grew and rare flowers would bloom this full moon’s night. She extinguished the light as she came down the stairs, being able to see where the moonlight shone into the house. Stepping outside into the garden, she was immediately assaulted by many different scents, the underlying base being the sea breeze that had awoken her. She put the lamp down and her slippers next to it, stepping barefoot into the garden to walk on the smooth earth. Carefully, she looked among the herbs for a certain plant, and almost missed its small white flowers as it bloomed between rosemary and thyme. She knelt carefully, clapped her hands twice and bowed her head in supplication, saying a silent prayer. Then she carefully plucked two flowers and put them in her hair.

Looking up to the sky, she spread her hands wide and began singing. The wind whipped more strongly around her, carrying her voice away. Flower bloomed and petals flew, dancing around her in joy. She merely stood there, singing wordlessly. The wind seem entranced by her song, picking up speed and dropping flower petals onto her as though to bathe her in adoration. For the young woman, deeper still was the trance she pulled herself into as she sang.

Her song ended abruptly with a sharp note. When that note ended, the wind died and she collapsed, crumpled into a heap.


Dreamers, Chapter 1

April 1, 2007


“They have moved in, Maiden. The shrine will be sighted three minutes from now. No signs of the guards.”

“The old shrines do not have human guards. Tell the girls to be careful,” the Maiden stood behind the woman at the console, who relayed her orders dutifully. Despite all expectations, the Maiden expected the mission to fail miserably. She would count it a success if anyone in the field made it out alive at all.
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Same characters, different take on the same story and path. Yes, I’m rewriting it again. Take this as a sort of AU fic till I can figure out where to slot it. Blame Naoko and Sukina. Don’t look at me like that, ladies. You threw this on me. Also, I apologise for the long sentences. 1081 words.

Kamiya was running.

As she did, her senses picked up people who were disturbed by her passing, much the same as a ripple on a calm pond as a pebble skipped across it. She smiled to herself at the analogy. Like the pebble, she would have to sink sooner or later, but unlike the pebble she could choose where to sink. If she remembered the place right, the person she was looking for would be up by now. That person would also be quite annoyed, but Kamiya was certain that the news she brought was worth the pain of listening to a lecture.

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January 5, 2007

The chi blast was strong enough to blast her off her feet.

She found herself flying through the air unchecked. It took her about half a second to realise that she was flying backwards into a forest, and another half a second for her to turn her body so that when she hit the tree, she could bounce off it. Bamboo was a lovely material when it came to things like these. She knew she had to time it just right though; do it wrongly and she was liable to either slam into the bamboo, break it, and fall to the floor in an undignified heap; not an experience she wanted to relive again.

Of course, she half-expected her opponent to try to keep up with the speed she’d been flung at, and he did not disappoint. She folded her arms across her breasts, even as he aimed the punch squarely in her chest. The physical blow had the effect of changing her tracjectory, but it also took out some of the momentum of the first blast, so she was in (marginally) more control than she was before this. At least this time, when she hit the tree, she was able to do so without breaking her legs, and still duck down as the man swung another punch at her.

It flew over her head.

She hit upwards, hoping to connect to something, and she did. The crack of her fist against his jaw was satisfyingly crunchy, but the man only stumbled back a little. It was enough. She bolted to the side, running as fast as she could through the bamboo forest. Her desperate run was noisy and messy; she made no attempt to keep quiet. There was no need to; he would have known where she was anyway. Getting to sanctuary was her only option now. He was more powerful than she had given him credit for, but it was not his power that frightened her.

It was his desire.

His desire for her was no ordinary one. If it were, she would have been able to manipulate it. It was something more, something more primal, more brutal… something that lighted the fire in her belly as well. In any situation, she would have welcomed it. With any other men she would have been more than happy to give in to his desire, but not with this one. Not this one. He would devour her, drink of her soul, eat of her flesh… and she would enjoy every minute of it.

As she ran, she was aware of a familiar sound. In her panic-stricken mind, she tried to place it, even as she ran towards it. Just as she burst out of some bushes, she caught the sight of something shiny.

A river! she thought. I’ll be safe there!

She dived into the river.

He watched her swim away from him as he reached the river bank. It was a large river and the currents were swift, but he had no question that she would survive it. She would have to. He watched her get to the other side and climb out. She looked back only once, and then she was back to running again.

“Next time, little Fae…” he whispered.

Annwn, Queen of Water

January 4, 2007

Because I feel like giving a talk instead of actually writing a story…

Annwn was a character that was born out of necessity two Nanowrimos ago. Basically I needed a Triune to balance out Naoko, Sukina and Kishan, and Annwn and her brother (who was nameless till last Nano) came about. What is Annwn, actually?

Well, she’s a Water Elemental Queen, which puts her at the same rank as Kishan. They’re both Elemental Kings, which means they can control Elemental Spirits. Any higher and they would be Emperor/Empress, which means they control Angels. After Empress/Emperor, they’re considered as Divine Beings. Theorectically, as long as you reach the Queen level, you can become a God/Goddess of the Element, but as the problem with many theories, it is always the practical. After all, what Angel would demean themselves (in their eyes) to be controlled by a mortal?

But that’s a topic I will leave for later. ^_^

As I was saying, Annwn’s a character who has a very different physical build compared to the ones I normally use (aka Naoko and Sukina). For one, you can only describe her figure as luscious. She’s generous where she should be, red wavy hair past her shoulders to the small of her back, always dressed in those fantasy sorceress-type gowns where you can see her cleavage, and it’s very generous. The figure hugging doesn’t stop there. It goes down to where she has a waist that is small, but it’s not unrealistic. Basically, Annwn’s physical template is based on the 1980s fantasy, something like this.

She’s a seductress in the old mold in the sense that people think she’s a mage because of her beauty and seduction, but of course there’s more to her than that. In case you were wondering, she and Ta’Lern were the two people I mentioned in my previous story. It was actually a RP piece that both me and the other person involved felt could be made longer, and I do have his permission to use the story as a longer piece (Don’t I?).

In Past Memories, I know Annwn’s being portrayed as a very simple-minded, almost animalistic child, but the truth of the matter is, she is (what, you expected different?). The Ancillary’s Triune (as opposed to Sukina’s Scion Triune, yes they both have the same meanings) were unlike the Scion, who were very carefully thought out by the Creator. For the Destroyer, the only person he gave much thought to was Anra/Raishan (Raishan is his true name, the name he will assume once he comes into his full powers, if he gets that far. That my Nano calls him Raishan is because among his siblings, they are allowed to use his real name).

This means that Annwn’s and Ta’Lern’s characters were not given much thought by the Destroyer. He only decided to add them in once he saw how powerful the bonds were between Naoko’s, Sukina’s, and Kishan’s first incarnations. He more or less bulldozed Ta’Lern’s and Annwn’s previous incarnations into serving him, hence the darkness. I’m still deciding on the bait.

The Ancillary’s Triune has the ability to tap into their memories from their previous incarnations. This is the reason why Annwn looks and feels so different from her incarnation in Past Memories. She’s grown quite a bit, but what she retains are not the memories of the spells and the like, but rather the memories of her interactions with people. For her, sex is both a validation of what she is and her power over people. Yes, she suffers from a bit of an inferiority complex, but that’s only because the one guy that she’s to marry is also the one guy who will kill her than marry her. No, he doesn’t hate her (the fight between the eldest of the Triunes have always been sexual), but it’s a matter of who seduces who first.

I have not kept a running score of that yet as I’ve not gone that far, but Annwn did not win the last encounter. It crushed her enough that her incarnation this time around is very low on self-confidence, even as all signs point to him being the weaker one this time around. I suppose Kishan feels guilty. All I know was that it was a very bad fight. Neither are telling me anything.

And that is all for the night. Thank you for reading this ramble.

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Past Memories

December 30, 2006

The categories should let you guys know where this comes from. ^_^

The night had been cold.

She was curled up in the blanket like a little kitten. He had watched her fall asleep, then curl as the cold got to her. Getting up, he put a blanket around her, making sure she was warm. She purred in reply. When he was sure that she was asleep, he went to the bedroom balcony. Taking a packet of herbs out of his pocket, he sniffed them, the narcotics immediately going to his brain. His mind was clearer and he felt sharper. The view outside the balcony was beautiful, but the small lights and fires that lit up the landscape hid an even greater danger.

He sighed.

A hint of the narcotic hers he had been inhaling wafted back into the room, and the girl, who had a sharp nose, sneezed. She woke up, saw the door slightly ajar, and got out of bed to close it. Once done, she went back to bed to sleep. He turned around, annoyed, but let it be and instead looked up to enjoy the night sky. Though it was cold, the sky was cloudless, and the stars blinked cheerfully at him. They were merry little things, and he found that he was not annoyed, but rather, resigned.

Taking a last sniff at the herbs, he threw the packet over the balcony and went back into the room, sitting on the chair next to the bed, looking troubled. He did not notice her toes peeking out from the edge of the blanket, twitching. When she began mumbling though, he turned his attention to her, anticipating what would come next. She sat up as though she had just woken from a nightmare, throwing the blanket off herself. Looking dazedly around her, she noticed him through the sleep fog clouding her mind. Cocking her head to one side, she opened her mouth to speak, but he cut her off by leaning forward to hold her arms.

“Hmm?” she mumbled, still not quite fully awake. With her looking at him like that, he felt helpless.

“You should go back to sleep.” He stood up and made her lie down again, tucking her in as though she was a child, even though they were close in age.

“But you looked so sad.” He ignored her and kissed her forehead instead.

He went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, aware that she was probably holding the blanket up to her nose and peeking at him. Filling the glass with water from the wooden tap, he stared at it, not realising that it was full and spilling over. When the water had fallen over his hand, he closed the tap, moving almost dreamlike. He did not hear her get off the bed and hug him from the back, her cheek against his back. She mumbled something, but he did not need to hear her words to know her question.

“I would overflow…” he answered, just loud enough for her to hear.

“From?” She moved her head back. He turned to face her, pushing her away gently.


Her quizzical look made him turn away quickly, and he walked into the room as though to avoid her. The glass of water he had left forgotten and untouched on a table. She followed him into the room, watching as he picked up a small pouch to be fastened to his belt. She sat at the bed, confused as to what she may have done for him to be so angry at her.

“I’m going out for a bit. You should get some rest,” he did not look at her.

“Alright,” she said in a small voice, wrapping herself in the blanket and sitting with her back to the wall on the bed.

The thoughts whirling in his head were a mass of tangled ideas, emotions and sensations. He paused in the living room where she could not see him, and waited, his eyes alighting on the papers and the pen. When he heard only her steady breathing, indicating that she had fallen asleep, he wrote a quick note to her and walked out of the house. The world was cruel to have forced him to this, he thought, regretting leaving her like that.

He kept on walking, into the darkness. It was not long before it found him, and swallowed him.

Who would have predicted that her actions would have been to follow him into that same darkness?