July 11, 2007

Doing a Ti:

Dear Ladies and Gents

Where did you go? Come home!



Talking to muses

May 18, 2007

310 words… What the hell girls? Bear in mind: This is me, this is Sukina, and this is Naoko.

I’m starting to think that maybe I should just add another category to my sidebar.

It would be useful.

Talking to muses sounds like a pretty good idea.

Thank you.

Still, you should really consider doing this costume, along with Kio. If nothing else, the photo op would be good.


I’m serious!

*Naoko is rolling on the floor with laughter*

Dimmie just said that I have a big happy face. Saya has “guilty that I did so many bad things” face. Plus… I cannot angst like Saya.

You mean you can’t emo like her.


That’s easy to rectify. *Sits up and grin* Just talk to your exes and get them to make you feel miserable. Or… you know, get him to tease you.

…. His teasing me doesn’t make me feel emo.

No Su, it doesn’t. Hmm.. why not make her listen to Pink’s Who Knew? That always makes her sad.

… It makes me sad, not angry angst.

Right… We all know you really want to be Saya. You like her more than you liked most female characters, except Mizuno.

And we all know that you don’t like the real-life versions of the Sailor fuku, which is why you don’t make them.



…. Remind me again, why are we having this conversation?

*Both smile innocently*

…. Right. *Headdesks*

And in case you guys were wondering, THIS and THIS and THIS is the costume I’m thinking of making… They have a lot of zips (I think) and it’s a three piece.

She’s considering it.


WHAT THE HELL??? NO! I don’t have time to go to the tailor and get materials and… TT_TT


Also, you need to watch Loveless and finish reading the Manga. You’re going to be a very short Kio.

… meep.

Sugar-induced post

April 10, 2007

BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!! I finally have a script idea for Animax thanks to DMJewelle, and let me just say… PHEAR MY SUGAR HIGH!!!!!

Seriously, last night it was bubble tea, this morning it’s Milo + coffee. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

And yes, it will star the cast of CF-ers. And we all know what insane full of crack kind of people they are. *Evil cackle* Should I also have a “Sugar-Induced” Category? *Looks at her categories aka tags*

And for those who are interested…


Divine Beings:

Hentai God- Rylands (no website pulak, and he’s the boss of the IRC channel!)
Yaoi Goddess – Zymz (who is also selling doujin btw)
Typo God- Hisashi (who needs more crack)

The rest I shall keep under wraps until after the contest. Will most likely start writing it tomorrow, when my brain has finished its cycle of “Insane Setting/Plot ideas now it’s time to actually WRITE.” ^_^

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November 12, 2006

Dear the many random characters that live in my head while I am trying to write

I love you all, I really do. BUT OMG WHERE THE HECK DID YOU, RAISHAN, AND YOU, TA’LERN, COME UP WITH THAT? You made me blush, you knew that?

A semi-sex-scene? Between the two of you? As brothers? *Rolls on the floor laughing and kisses you two with delight*

Keep the ideas coming, but hold back on the yaoi, ya?

Never imagined that I would ever write a yaoi scene. Especially considering that I don’t like them in the first place!

Love and amusement,


June 9, 2006

Like the breeze skimming over the lake.

The young woman danced before the assembly, her movements gentle, graceful, light. She let herself be carried away by the music, letting it dictate her instead of the other way around. Ah! Here was an unexpected dip, and she went with it, her body moving easily and naturally. Her body expressed a longing but not a desire. She could do without this need being fulfilled, but it would be nice to have it done.

Still, she was a servant to higher forces, a destiny she carved out for herself. This was something that she had chosen to do, something no one could force her. As the music came to a stop, so did her dance, and it ended with her trademark bow before the Head of the court she was dancing.

There was a silent moment of appreciation when she stopped, and soon the musicians began to play again, a song of falling flowers, a song of innocent love. A song of melancholic tunes. She began dancing again, but this time her dance had a heavier step. This time, she dictated the tunes. The winter had been cold and harsh, but there was still beauty to be found. There was still a bit of hope left, found in the white, almost invisible flowers that populated the hillside.

Snow flowers were rare, but they were the symbol of hope. They were the representations of dreams left unspoken, dreams to be born into reality when the time came…


He walked briskly into the hallway, his red robes flaring out behind him. His stance was arrogant, demanding, and definately haughty. There was something about him that would irritate you, but at the same time there was also an aura of power and control. The little sprite looked very uncomfortable on his shoulder, almost hiding behind her master.

It wa a small little thing, about the length of the tip of her master’s ear to his shoulder. She was dressed in an elaborate red kimono, the short kind that dictated either a lady of the night, or a trained assassin. Either way, she seemed more like a novice rather than a threat.

He stood in the center of the room, right on the flameburst. Against a backdrop of black obsidian, he looked like a bloodstain. One that might not go away.

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Chapter 9

April 15, 2006

Sorry this took so long!

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Chapter Eight

April 8, 2006

The eye of the storm.

My turn. *Rolls eyes*



She *did* give you five days off.



*Pretends to be blissfully unaware of the drama in her hand* Onto the story!

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Chapter Seven

April 3, 2006

Tears of a child -Part of the April Fool’s Project.

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April 1, 2006

April Fools Novels challenge begins today!

My prohect: 25k of Sugar High Muses.

Will I make it? *Considering that I am planning to write this in the office, I doubt it, but a girl can try, right?*