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I have a friend. Her name is Pei Lee. Like me, Pei Lee suffers from Neurofibromatosis Type II. I came to know her when my story was featured in Sin Chew Daily last year. Like me, Pei Lee is deaf in both ears and blind in an eye.

Except that Pei Lee is less fortunate. She comes from a poor background, with limited education. At age 28, Pei Lee is fluent in Chinese and speaks some Malay. Her last known job involved selling kuih in the wet market.

Two weeks ago, Pei Lee texted me saying the tumor in her cervical spine is acting up, making her legs numb. I advised her to borrow her MRI scans and medical report from the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. She tried, but the doctor refused. According to Pei Lee, the doctor simply wrote her a letter which I have not personally read.

Pei Lee wish to consult a neurosurgeon at private hospitals. Both of us have experienced removing spinal tumors in GHKL. We are aware of the poor quality of healthcare, especially those involving spinal surgeries.

This morning, I sent an email to someone who supported my cause not long ago. From our emails, I recognised him as a spine surgeon. The Heart4Hope products he bought online were mailed to the hospital. His reply came later in the afternoon. The kind man turned out an Orthopediatrician and spinal cord injury expert, but not tumors. He recommended me to a good friend, who is a neurosurgeon at another hospital, who may be able to help Pei Lee.

I wish to help Pei Lee save her spine, but then I came to another problem. How could she afford the treatments? Last week, Pei Lee asked if I could help her write an article to the press to request for donations. She can’t even afford the consultation fees. But I told Pei Lee the press does not work that way. They only help when your case has been ascertained, and a surgeon has decided to operate on you.

I’ve been thinking about her these days. RM60 (presumably) per consultation may sound like a small amount. RM1,000++ for a spine MRI is probably peanuts for some people. Yet I’m so baffled. How do I help Pei Lee?



August 17, 2006

According to my doc… I’m anemic. I’m also supposed to stay away from sugar.

Anyone have any suggestions? Sol’s already suggested things like eating two eggs a day (frying them in butter though), eat more spinach, etc. Anyone have anything else to suggest?

Thank you! 🙂


June 28, 2006


Higher than my usual pay, but I did pull in a lot of overtime two months ago.

Will be seeing a doctor during lunch. Not feeling too well, but no, I’m not taking another med leave. I may just ask for a referral.


June 24, 2006

Ok, I’ll admit I’m Malaysian enough to enjoy a good sale. Today was one of those days.

I love the waerhouse sales by DietHelm as they tend to sell branded goods that I really enjoy at a discounted price (anyone who’s shopped with me knows that I’m not really into all these branded stuff). So, today’s sale had several big names. I came away with this loot:

– Berri’s Orange Juice (I have no idea whether they’re really good)
– 3 packs of Oreos at RM 4 altogether instead of RM2 per pack
– 2 jars of chocolate spread at RM9 (total)
– Mon Cheri chocs @RM5

Now I’ll sleep as I puked after dinner just now and am feeling really tired. I just hope it was the chicken sauce I threw up just now and not blood. On another note, my cousin gave me a working FM modulator (so I’m now able to listen to my MP3 player in the car- YAY) and I need to cut my hair as it’s getting too long, heavy, and giving me migraines. -_-”


Please help!

June 20, 2006

Passed on Yvonne:

Hello there.

When I saw the news of this baby in yesterday’s The Star newspaper, my heart broke in an instant and I was at the brink of tears.

Tze Thean’s father is appealing for donation from the public to save the love of his life, his newborn baby who is suffering from a complex congenital heart disease and needs RM100,000 to undergo immediate corrective surgery.

I felt like giving all of my medical fund to save the life of this baby who still do not have the chance to experience life. Survival and hearing restoration is vital to me but the life of this baby is very precious as well. What a lovely gift from God who do not deserve to die.

Yet I can’t simply give away my money because they aren’t mine, but given to me out of goodwill from the public and plentiful of hardwork by people who believe in my cause.

I would very much like to help this family myself, but I owe responsibility to the public to keep this fund for my own medical expenses.

Since I can’t do it myself, would you please help me? I don’t mind if you choose not to buy a t-shirt or two from me, and donate to this baby instead.

After all, the baby’s need is much more acute than mine at the moment.

Those wishing to help can send cheques payable to Penang Adventist Hospital Heart Patient’s Fund with Ch’ng Tze Thean’s name written at the back.

  • The cheques can be sent to Penang Adventist Hospital, 465, Jalan Burma, 10350 Penang.
  • For inquiries, call the hospital at 04-2227603/6 or e-mail: foundation@pah.com.my.

    Thank you so much! We owe you our lives.

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    p/s: If you have a blog or a group of kind and generous friends, please help spread the word and save a life. Thank you so much!

  • MC

    June 13, 2006

    For two days…



    May 18, 2006

    And sleeping at home. Doc says that it looks like I’m suffering from exhaustion. Nite! *Yawns*


    May 15, 2006

    Yvonne’s Tees are on sale.

    This petite, small, but power-packed cili padi has not given up on life, despite her condition. In face, it would be fair to say that she’s lived far more to an extent than most of us would. (Excluding Tiara, but that’s another matter entirely).

    So why am I pimping her suddenly?

    Go here to find out. ^_^

    And if you must know, yes, I’m getting some for myself as well. ^_^


    May 8, 2006

    Most of you would know that I, on the whole, abhor taking medication, especially pills. I disapprove of taking any drugs unless ill (Leo will know this QUITE well).

    Which is why I decided to be an attention-seeker and announce to the whole world that I took some Panadol (aspirin to all non-Malaysians) today. Ok, it was a minor headache… but I SHOULDN’T NEED IT! *Breaks down*

    This has been my daily dose of insanity. Thank you for listening. reading.

    Sick, Part 3

    March 15, 2006

    Feeling better now, though it was horrible when I first woke up. Here’s the funny thing that happened when I went to the doctor’s.

    The doctor said that I should have a Libran for a boyfriend, because I’m a Geminian. *Laughs* Guess what dear Leo is? *Huggles and squishes her Leo*

    Dreams. Now this one is a bit more serious. It’s the first time in years that I’ve woken up from a dream that felt like it WAS reality. It’s the first time I’ve not been able to distinguish between dream and reality.

    I dreamt that I went to sleep, and I woke up to find that I had died and gone to heaven. I was reunited with my sister, and we spent a day in heaven. I met people I thought had long gone, only to discover a few discrepancies later on.

    For one, she never laughed at my jokes. For another, there was one young girl I remember passing away when I was in Form 2. She was in Form 1. If no one else, I would have expected her to be there with me in heaven, but she wasn’t. I also felt a little sad at the people I had left behind… I missed my baby, I missed my mom, I missed my family. The sadness was in leaving all the people behind when I had so much to do for them.

    Why was heaven a large warehousy/LUCT kind of place?

    The last thing I remembered was closing my eyes to the girl’s smile, and then I woke up. It was day. It was also very unnerving.

    Especially when you consider that I have never HAD a sister.