August 28, 2007


I can see why the son would not want to listen to his mother. I had the same argument with my parents before this, and what really pisses me off is that the parents (or is it just the mother) did not even give the girl a chance to understand their religion before simply brushing her off. You claim to serve God, but I don’t see any serving of God. What I do see are servings of hypocrisy.

Congratulations, Angry Mum. You’re a proof of the Malay saying, “Biar mati anak, jangan mati adat.” Better for the child to die than the tradition.

And people wonder why I’m disillusioned with the Church and the people that inhabit her in general.


To a dear friend

August 23, 2007

If it weren’t for you, I would never have had the courage to change my jobs and take a step to fulfilling my dreams. You created the IRC channel and made it a haven for me.

If it weren’t for you, I would not have accepted those who are different from me, especially those who had different views on sexuality than I did. You made me see beyond the superficial interests to the person beneath.

If it weren’t for you, I would never have met the love of my life.

If it weren’t for you, I would never have learnt how to smile in spite of the odds against you, especially parents.

Rest in Peace, dear Ryls, aka Bernard Foo. We will miss you, boss.

Advice columns

August 23, 2007

Some must die. The advice columns, I mean, NOT the people themselves, although if they do believe what they wrote, they should be sequestered away from society for the rest of their natural lives. I’ll speak in Bahasa Malaysia for the rest of the entry, as the article in question is in BM.

Ya Allah! Cakap apa perempuan ini? Budak itu yang keliru, dia pulak senang-senang aje tanya samada gadis itu terlalu seksi atau manja sehingga dicabul berulang-ulang. Lagipun, mengikut kata-kata Dang Setia, kerana dah terlalu lama kejadian itu terjadi, tak payahlah gadis itu melaporkannya kepada siapa-siapa. Mak oi…. Nak cakap jaga perlakuan itu, cakaplah, tapi janganlah sampai menunjukkan diri Dang Setia macam mulia sangat. Gadis itu dah trauma, Dang Setia tambahkan trauma dia lagi.

Ish… Dunia ini dah terbalik.

Safe in Penang

August 11, 2007

Like the post said, I’ve reached here safely, though there was a bit of drama in the end with Tsubasa’s sis but it’s ok.

Parents have taken my word that I will break up with Raz so that they won’t come up to Penang. I’ve promised, so I shall… Still hate being treated like a kid though, and yet when they scream at me, I can’t quite find the words nor the courage to scream back at them. I’m taking things one day at a time though now… Definately will move out from home. Just need to find a place that won’t kill my money, that’s all.

Take care all.

Protected: Two hours

August 10, 2007

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Daring to speak Bahasa

August 3, 2007

Coffee does wonders for the brain. Along with a nice, long chat about political realities in Malaysia. Then had an insightful quick LJ discussion with one of my old RP friends, a round of adventuring in BG, and falling asleep after talking to sayang. Today, I wake up half-muddled (which was apparent in one telephone conversation) but hopefully with my mind working well.

I realise that some of my friends tend to make inflammatory statements, and I go right along with them. This can lead me to posting things I really shouldn’t, although in hindsight, I still think that if you allow someone to represent a group, or allow your group to represent you, then you have to take the consequences of that group’s/spokesperson’s actions. My opinions of the men I mentioned yesterday remains though. Will republish that part later (the individuals, dear, not the organisation they supposedly represent). Forgive me if I ruffled anyone’s feathers last night.

Moving right along into the main topic of this post, I would like to say that I’m proud to speak Bahasa Malaysia, but my reason is purely vanity. I can generally speak much better Malay than a large number of my friends, including the Malays themselves. That’s all there is, truly. That and the fact that BM is generally understood in the places I frequent. In places where they don’t speak, being a banana means I can’t quite tell them what I want to eat for dinner/lunch.

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Commission questions

July 31, 2007

Random thought: If I helped you in a small favour that involved cash changing hands and I asked you for a commission, how much/what would you use to pay me? :3

Husband Material?

July 17, 2007

Someone asked me today what I thought a person who’s husband material would be like? This would make a good blog post, I though, and so here I am.

Thing is, when you think about it carefully, it’s not just husband, it’s your partner. Calling them either husband or wife seems to invite one to make assumptions, which is something I want to avoid as I would definately fail at being the perfect wife I want my husband to be. And yes, I realise that that does not make that much sense. Pardon the grammar.

Ok, first things first.

Both spouses must be attuned to each other. One has to be able to gauge the other person’s mood without thinking, and thereby be able to understand that mood; what that person wants/doesn’t want, etc. They have to be able to offer support and counsel (the latter if needed) to their spouses. This is one of the three main ingredients a spouse must have!

I cannot begin to stress how important it is for a person to trust their spouse. Without trust, there is only lies, and when lies end, so does the dream. So does the love. So does the relationship. Second of the three ingredients.

Tenderness. Holding each other close during the night. Kissing each other when you think no one’s looking. Those are the physical aspects. Doing things for the other that you would never do, just to see the smile on their faces. Making or doing things just to get a certain reaction from them. Doing all you can to protect them. Willing to sacrifice things you have loved most of your life for them, because they asked you. Dropping everything you have so they can pursue their dreams. Pursuing YOUR own dreams at their urging. Realising that the two of you need time apart because you’re suffocating each other… and being perfectly fine with that.

And to top it all off:

Cause I wanna have a really true love
Don’t ever wanna have to go and give you up
Stay up till four in the mornin and the tears are pouring
And I want make it worth the fight
Gwen Stefani, 4 in the morning

Staying up till you come to a compromise about the things you love, because you’re no longer living for one person, you’re living for TWO. Or more if you have kids.

So yes, that’s spousal material for me. What’s yours?

PS: It goes without saying that if they loved you, they would also help you do the chores… or even make you get off your butt to do the chores. 😛


July 11, 2007

Doing a Ti:

Dear Ladies and Gents

Where did you go? Come home!


Youthful Endavours!

July 6, 2007

Ti’s got a great blog carnival going on. The relevant entry is here.

That said, the youth initiatives she mentioned can be anything, as long as it’s related to youths and it’s not the personal blog entries kind. I mean the kind that goes “I bought these pair of earrings to show off how pretty I am.” (Sorry girls/guys/inbetweens). We’re talking about causes you’re passionate about, things you do, or things you know. Among the people I can think off the bat who regularly fit into this category be Pelfy, Yvonne, Nick, Phil, Uncle Sam… yes, even Silencers and the infamous DMJewelle as well. What do they all have in common? They’ve all been involved in Youth Initiatives (I would include Emilie too, but I forgot her blog add, sorry dear!). Of course, it goes without saying that Ti’s also one of the first people that come to mind.

What do these people have in common besides the fact that they’re young?

They all blog unashamedly about their passions. Pelfy loves turtles and doing charity. Yvonne is insistent on not being a charity, but rather raising her funds on her own without relying solely on donations. Nick blogs about various things the Oral Stage does (which is closed till next year btw), while Phil blogs about the entertainment industry, with a particular emphasis on young stars. Uncle Sam (when he remembers, which doesn’t happen often, hence the name Uncle) posts about his adventures handling a church Youth group. Silencers? Day to day life, random youthful observations, and one of my favourites, Anime! The same goes for DMJ too, though DMJ normally does movie reviews on the link I passed you. She’s sarcastic, witty and often VERY insightful. Of course, her wit is best experienced live.

She’s part of a community that I joined less than two years ago. One thing I’ve noticed about the community is that its users can be categorised into two categories; the people who are very sarcastic, witty and skeptical, and the ones who aren’t. The ones who are skeptical I notice, tend to be those who’ve been working for some time and can’t really afford to spend time in day dreams, but maybe that’s just my generalisation. People often equate youths with enthusiasm, with resilience, with this unshakable faith in either themselves, or something bigger than them (aka hope). These youths are nothing like that.

But not to digress, and the above is another topic for another day…

Youth initiatives may not be restricted activist activities. Activist, for me at least, means causes that are worth supporting no matter the age, and are generally dedicated to passions and causes that have this very heavy air about them. The consequences of such activities, in my opinion, is that society is generally changed, whether for better or worse, it depends. Basically, these are activities that may have political repercussions. Gender issues, disabilities, alternative education, all these for me are considered heavy issues, and to tell the truth, they are.

But heavy issues shouldn’t be what defines youth initiatives. A lot of elders and youths need to look beyond the heavy issues and check out other activities created and run by youths, like GACC and ComicFiesta. Yes, I realise that these two are anime conventions, but here’s something to think about, they’re created by youths, initiated by youths who have a dream and run by youths. The same could be said of most activities being organised by youths today. Some choose to deride these activities because they don’t bring any obvious benefits, but should we dismiss them just because the benefits are not visible?

There’s more to life than just creating a society and world for the better. Sometimes you have to stop and look back at what’s there, physically. Look into the sky and see the blueness of it. Take a moment and stand under an old flowering tree, and watch the flowers fall around you (yes, you can get these experiences in Malaysia, just that old trees that have not been cut down are hard to find). Sit in the LRT and talk to the people around you. Start a project with your friends with a completely useless aim, maybe like putting a cosplay photoshoot somewhere in KLCC. Stop and help that old person across the street.