Advice columns

August 23, 2007

Some must die. The advice columns, I mean, NOT the people themselves, although if they do believe what they wrote, they should be sequestered away from society for the rest of their natural lives. I’ll speak in Bahasa Malaysia for the rest of the entry, as the article in question is in BM.

Ya Allah! Cakap apa perempuan ini? Budak itu yang keliru, dia pulak senang-senang aje tanya samada gadis itu terlalu seksi atau manja sehingga dicabul berulang-ulang. Lagipun, mengikut kata-kata Dang Setia, kerana dah terlalu lama kejadian itu terjadi, tak payahlah gadis itu melaporkannya kepada siapa-siapa. Mak oi…. Nak cakap jaga perlakuan itu, cakaplah, tapi janganlah sampai menunjukkan diri Dang Setia macam mulia sangat. Gadis itu dah trauma, Dang Setia tambahkan trauma dia lagi.

Ish… Dunia ini dah terbalik.


Daring to speak Bahasa

August 3, 2007

Coffee does wonders for the brain. Along with a nice, long chat about political realities in Malaysia. Then had an insightful quick LJ discussion with one of my old RP friends, a round of adventuring in BG, and falling asleep after talking to sayang. Today, I wake up half-muddled (which was apparent in one telephone conversation) but hopefully with my mind working well.

I realise that some of my friends tend to make inflammatory statements, and I go right along with them. This can lead me to posting things I really shouldn’t, although in hindsight, I still think that if you allow someone to represent a group, or allow your group to represent you, then you have to take the consequences of that group’s/spokesperson’s actions. My opinions of the men I mentioned yesterday remains though. Will republish that part later (the individuals, dear, not the organisation they supposedly represent). Forgive me if I ruffled anyone’s feathers last night.

Moving right along into the main topic of this post, I would like to say that I’m proud to speak Bahasa Malaysia, but my reason is purely vanity. I can generally speak much better Malay than a large number of my friends, including the Malays themselves. That’s all there is, truly. That and the fact that BM is generally understood in the places I frequent. In places where they don’t speak, being a banana means I can’t quite tell them what I want to eat for dinner/lunch.

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This has me pissed off. Angry. Scared. Worried. In case you’re wondering (as the post if f-locked), the summary is this:

When May and her brother was returning on the LRT, they were harrased by this random foreign stranger in a yellow jacket and green shoes that basically begin condemning the Chinese aloud, calling them names and saying that they shouldn’t be in Malaysia (the man apparently did not have a Malaysian accent, and judging from his skin, was very much darker than the average Malaysian, no matter the race). To top it all off, the man began calling May’s brother’s name. Her brother did not take it lying down, of course. He defended himself and called him a racist.

I’m glad that May’s home safe. And that her brother kept her safe. Would I have kicked him? No. Would I have shouted at him in the same way? Yes. Dad has also told me of his own experience with a maniac like that (just not the screaming kind). He did make a point: he should have just told the idiot “If you don’t like it here so much, what the f*ck are you doing here?” There’s nothing else they can do though. According to dad, there’s nothing else to be done. BTW May dear… dad was smiling when I told him what your bro did, so it’s safe to say that he approves of what your bro did. (Considering that for me, my dad remains as one of the best sources and gauge of what’s going on the street…)



July 16, 2007

Normally I wouldn’t post Malay news as translating it is often a hassle, but this is just a quick one:

Watch your manners, don’t scream at elderly citizens.

The news report details in brief of an elderly citizen’s attempt to re-enter the hospital ward after visiting hours. Her daughter had just finished surgery and the old woman, Che Ngah, had requested permission from the nurse to stay with her daughter and keep her company. The nurse had allowed her, and she went off to have her own dinner before coming back.

Upon her return, she was refused entry by a security guard on the basis that visiting hours were over. While the refusal was understandable, the manner was not. The old woman was screamed at by the security guard in full view of the passing public. The guard screamed if the old woman was a VIP who wanted to walk in and out of the hospital. She (the guard) also slammed the door as a measure of her anger.

I’m truly sickened by this. For some reason, upon reading the news, the first person that came to mind was ursa_mater. Would like to ask all who’ve been in public hospitals: Have you ever come across cases like these? What is your hospital’s policy on allowing guests to stay overnight in a patient’s room to keep them company?

If only for the ideals it espouses. If only for the warning that with a single incident, and others that follow, that any country on this planet, especially one that has a large, vulnerable middle-class to be exploited, can fall into the same trap that that London has fallen. The people are herdlike, they are frightened, and they are scared. It is never the enemy without that is the most dangerous, but the enemy within. The idea that you could be betrayed by someone who is close to you, someone you trust, is the easiest idea to spread. It is the easiest idea to take root, the easiest idea, to control.

It doesn’t help that earlier today, I finished reading Koushun Takami’s Battle Royale. While the book speaks about a country that has been frightened into subservience, the observation it makes is frighteningly similar to what V exposes. I can see now why the book (Codename: V) has been banned in certain places. It is not the storyline itself that is scary. It is not the characters themselves, but rather, what they represent. It is not that the ideal they propose is terrifying yet unreal. NO.

The ideas that people can be manipulated by their fears, the ideas that the very people the citizens (rakyat/people) of a country trusts to protect them, leads to a lesson that most parents learn when their children are adolescents. The more you make it forbidden, the more it simmers. The more the idea of freedom is tempting. However, as observed in Battle Royale, allowing the people certain small escapes, making them think that these little joys are all they have to be thankful for, works better at coralling people than the most absolute restrictions. It’s the same with V. People are happy to simply live. They are happy to simply survive. When you’re young, that’s something you cannot accept, but when you have children, your thoughts are no longer for yourself.

It is said by some people, that people do things for their children. Yet this normally happens on a personal level. It happens on a level that people can see, can touch, can see how it affects their lives directly. How many people would truly rise up against a government and say, “This is wrong,” even if they know it? How many?

Not enough.

Parents are afraid not for themselves, but for their children, should they choose to take that path. To make this country (not the world, that’s another story), I believe blood will have to be spilled. Not because it is the only and easiest way. I do not believe that. However, if we could have made this country better, if we could have clung to the ideals that gave birth to this nation in the first place, then we would have been welcomed to the negiotation table. We would have been able to sit down with the leaders of this country. Not only the political leaders, but the religious leaders who seem to wield more and more influence; influence that is becoming insidious. Influence that allows idiots like Nazri and bigots to flourish (I shall not name names because I do not want to give them traffic. If you wish to know who they are, look out for the bloggers who cannot seem to accept a viewpoint other than their own, and who will not fight for another’s person right to speak, because to speak would be to insult religions. And who say they study comparative religion, yet unable to find the faith to understand why others might not choose their path).

Malaysia is like that Britain of V. We became that country the moment we allowed fear of what happened in 1969 to happen. In this year, remember not just the 5th of November. Remember not just 31 August. Remember 13 May, 1969. Because that was the day we allowed fear to reign. That was the day we silenced ourselves.

And no, Black Office. I am not suggesting we blow up Parliament. It has not reached that stage… Yet.

Bye bye Maybank

May 8, 2007

This made me sick.

While it doesn’t really surprise me, the fact that it could happen to a bank that has been trusted by many, whose services has always been good, just makes me sick to my stomach. I love Maybank, but this is seriously… stupid. It’s interesting to note that the Star has not picked it up, but IHT and the NST have.

So, what shall I do?

I shall walk with my wallet. Yes I realise that racial discrimination has been around for a long time, but this doesn’t mean that I have to stand for it, does it? (And yes, I realise the irony when I’m one of the people who have benefited from such affirmative action policies).

And I shall walk! Now, OCBC, Public Bank, or should I just wait till the foreign banks come in next year?

Long time no rant

January 22, 2007

Today marks a first of sorts.

For the first time, I got really pissed off at the people who were pushing behind me, and for once, I let loose. Basically all I did was to said in a very angry voice to the people behind me was, “OI JANGAN TOLAK BOLEH TAK?”

Translated it means, “Hey, do you mind not pushing?”

Thing is, what really irritated me was that this woman who was pushing at me with her HUGE luggage bag. I really hate the feeling of something hitting into the area above my ankles. It really, really, irritates me. After that shout, she stopped.

The story doesn’t end there though.

There were these two ladies who remarked behind me in Malay that I was in a foul temper and was taking it out on other people, suggesting by their tone that I was a rude little girl for daring to raise my voice. At this point I was telling myself to just shut up, because they themselves had rushed into the train in front of others, without waiting for their turn.

I got off at the next train and listened to Enma (my MP3 player) to take my mind off them. If I had stayed in the train, I probably would have given them a lashing as well. Yes, when I am pissed off I do have a short temper, and as Shaun would tell you, you don’t want to be at the receiving end when I’m feeling really angry and creative.

Then I went home. It was a long trip, but it felt good to get home and zone out. Still, I’m feeling that I should have just given those girls a piece of my mind. I don’t like people talking behind my back. You got an issue with me, tell it to my face.


On a good note: YAY THE STANDING TRAINS ARE BACK! Well, not a lot of them, but I hope to see more of them during rush hour soon! 🙂


November 7, 2006

Here’s the emergency.

For those who value your right to speak up in Cyberspace, pleae read. For those who value their rights to read in Cyberspace whatever they wish to, go there. For those who don’t like people saying bad things about the things they love/worship/respect (be it Mahathir, Religion, anime, etc) but you value their right to speak and YOUR right to disagree, go there.

Because God knows the Geo-political lines of Real Life is being applied to the Internet, and unless we want to see one of the last avenues for people to scream like maniacs yet being influenced to think deeply by what they say disappear, then please click on that Link.

This has been a community message brought by Geminianeyes.

We forgot good stores like these .

‘Nuff said. Thanks to Ananth of Applegeeks for the link.


September 13, 2006

If you’re busy and don’t want to talk, just say so. There’s no need to shout, especially in IM.

Seriously, the lack of manners in some people….