Letter from the mail

May 25, 2007

Received this in the mail. Anyone care to help ascertain whether it’s the truth? Read the rest of this entry »


Apology not accepted

May 18, 2007

With references to here and here.

So, do I accept their apology? No. According to one of them, he said that it was meant in the heat of the moment, and he had not meant to insult all women. Excuse me, but how would you like it if I said the same to you and said that “Oh, I didn’t mean your mother, I meant your friend.” I could invent swear words right now, but that would be a pretty bad habit.

What should we all accept from these people? If they don’t want to dump them from Parliament, then suspension of ALL their privileges for one year (or more), and for them to serve women who have been abused because their husbands thought of them like how these MPs obviously regard women. If they really want to make amends, then simple.

Either they quit, or they’re fired. Malaysia does not have the time to deal with idiots like these, not when we’re supposed to celebrate our 50 years of independence. This then begs the question of course; with bigots and male chauvinistic pigs like these, what freedom?

Feeling gleeful

May 16, 2007

Of which I think we should all get the books immediately and without delay. Who’s with me?

Only those interested in the May 13 Riots will buy, I think.

There is hope?

May 14, 2007

Times like these, it really makes you wonder who are the idiots. Congratulations PAS, I for one am waiting for the day we can debate our religions in a peaceful manner and resolve to make it so that people of many religions can live in this country without fear of being hunted down and made fun of simply because we choose a different religion.

To those sexist MPs, congratulations. You have just managed to make Malaysia a laughing stock… AGAIN. I suppose it doesn’t matter much to you because you can go around with a happy smiling face because you delivered a low blow to the opposition. Then again, it just proves that you will do anything to retain your grip on power and ignorance. After all, money insulates, doesn’t it?

To Nazri: “This is a debate. People play with words,” he said. “As long as there is no ill intention, we should allow for it. Otherwise parliament will be very boring.”

I’d settle for boredom if it means that our Parliamentarians will be INTELLIGENT. Admit your failings, why don’t you? To think I used to look up to you, but I suppose one disgruntled voter means nothing to you, does it?

You’re getting as bad as Najib.

Enough silence!

April 25, 2007

Inspired partially by a comment someone left on another blog but mainly enflamed by this: Video that half Malaysia saw and the other half forgot, I think.

Mob rule wins. Violence is the way to go, especially since it means that the authorities will do *anything* (supposedly) to avoid another bloodshed. That protest against Article 11 by the cowards who refuse to let non-Muslims talk about the role of their (non-Muslim) religions in this country? Cowardice and an excuse by the Government to sweep things under the carpet.

May 13 has been hanging over our heads for long enough. Pandering to the fears of the minorities has GOT to stop. Pandering to the whims of a political party that values wealth over its citizens has got to stop. Pandering to the notion of the illusion that a theocratic state can rule under the guise of secularity has GOT to stop.

I’m not saying that if we talk about this issue it will go away. Talking in the media has done nothing but to make everyone feel good for a bit and then conveniently sweep the issue under the carpet.

The only way I think to change this shameful state is to SHAME those in public office in the first place. Shame them and take away their jobs. Make them beg for a living. Make them LIVE in the system instead of above it. Make them **cking wake up to the fact that they ARE accountable to the people who elected them!

Unfortunately until that happens, cases like these will keep happening. Malaysia’s already a laughing stock, but until she becomes a laughing stock in the economic sense, no one in power will care as long as the $$ keeps coming in.

This culture of fear is nothing but that, fear. People are afraid that if we even try to discuss what is happening to this country, people will wake up and see that not all hope is lost. They will wake up to see that there is more in common to each religion than simply the fact that we all believe in God; that this is the same God who says, “Love one another.” The same God who said to one particular religion: THERE IS NO COMPLUSION. The same God who appears different to each eyes because the way we view Him/Her is clouded by OUR PERSONAL experience.

The same God whom most of us believe in regardless of how our religion, how the people who interpret the religious books, how TRADITION AND CULTURE has portrayed him to be, is just that. THE SAME GOD.

How I view my God should be no one else’s business but mine and His/Hers. My relationship with Him/Her is between the TWO OF US. Yes, religion does help us draw closer to God, but what is religion merely than someone’s view and understanding of God? How God comes to us, how we choose to see God, what (and I suspect this is the most important bit of all) God is to us, is between us and the Divine above.

You know what’s the sickest bit about this all?

That these people forget their COMPASSION in the midst of upholding their RELIGION which is supposedly to be more compassionate than all other religions by TAKING AWAY A CHILD THAT WAS STILL BEING BREAST FED FORCEFULLY FROM HER MOTHER.

Muslims who do this are not Muslims. They’re the real KUFARs. They are the ones who are Satan’s puppets, not those who try to understand and be compassionate to those who really need it, regardless of religion.

Yes I am bitter about this why do you ask?


April 5, 2007

First I read it.

And then I re-read it again.

Then I had to resist the urge to laugh.

To let out a bellyache of laughter in the office that would probably make people go @@ in the office, and it’s not time to scare them. Yet.

This was the cause of much laughter and amusement.

A copy (unedited) of my response to the news at the Star:

You know, the whole hullabaloo about VMY07 is really being taken too far. In order to paint a prettier picture of Malaysia, those who are uninformed and choose to remain ignorant (aka those in power who have never read a blog but heard *bad things*) decide to prosecute those whom they think are causing the most problems (bloggers who just want to blog).

Thank you Deputy Minister. Maybe this time we’ll make the front page of /. and NYTimes and add “three times laughing stock of the Internet because we refuse to update ourselves and blame others for it” to our “impressive list” of achievements.

And they wonder why there is a brain drain.

Everything is interrelated. In this case, there are quite a number of politicians whose heads, I believe, are on the chopping block because VMY07 (Visit Malaysia Year 2007) is not taking off as it should. While there are a number of reasons for this, I doubt that bloggers are a main factor. Rather, this seems to be a fallout of an older article, which seems to have painted a minister in a bad light (mainly because it looked like he didn’t read the full entry before he opened his mouth, but also because he displayed a terrifying lack of understanding and knowledge of how the bloggersphere works.

In fact, most bloggers I know are guys, not girls. And most could not really give two hoots about the government, simply because the government seems to not care either, except when it looks like the elders are going to lose face to the youngsters because they know more than them.

And that’s the galling part, isn’t it? Youths are not going to sit down and let the government decide their lives for them (like a number of them seem to be insisting) and unlike their parents before them, they actually have an outlet for their voices. Yet the people who are listening are choosing to listen to the comments negatively, letting their own paranoia and fear control them. Stop wrapping us in swaddling clothes, damnit. We are not babies, and we will not pretend to be babies.

Times like these make me feel like leaving the country and never coming back, even if it does mean renouncing my citizenship. I love my country, but does my country love me?

Sure as hell doesn’t look like it.

Bloggers? Credible?

March 21, 2007


After my initial reaction of disbelief, that was what settled in once I’d finished reading the Warning by esteemed Information Minister more or less forbidding mainstream media to quote any information from blogs and websites. According to him, the websites and the blogs are all created by frustrated journalists and political pundits. He mentioned that the mainstream media would be disgraced if they quoted information from all these blogs and websites.

Notice that those are valid points. I will go far enough to agree with the minister that if the mainstream media is silly enough to quote whole-heartedly from the websites, then they deserve what they get, which is ridicule and the like…. waitaminute! Don’t some of the national-language dailies already suffer from such lack of credibility? Of course, in many cases these people are quick to say they have been slandered, but in some cases (think the Deputy Internal Security minister who insists that he is innocent though he did admit to releasing the prisoners, though no reason was forthcoming) it promotes transparency.

To a certain extent, it puts politicians and office holders in the spotlight and forces them to acknowledge their responsibilities and actions, which I believe is a good thing. Our Prime Minister is big on transparency, and his call to the minister to explain himself instead of telling the media to back off is commendable. (Yes, I am a Badawi Fangirl). Of course, coming on the heels of local town councillors who still act like little Napoleans and with no one to bring them to account, it seems unfair to have the spotlight solely on the bigger politicians.

Truth to be told though… I really don’t see the issue.

I’m more worried about this though:

Zainuddin advised readers suspicious of the information posted on blog websites to refer to the mainstream media to get the true picture.

I smell propaganda.


November 7, 2006

Here’s the emergency.

For those who value your right to speak up in Cyberspace, pleae read. For those who value their rights to read in Cyberspace whatever they wish to, go there. For those who don’t like people saying bad things about the things they love/worship/respect (be it Mahathir, Religion, anime, etc) but you value their right to speak and YOUR right to disagree, go there.

Because God knows the Geo-political lines of Real Life is being applied to the Internet, and unless we want to see one of the last avenues for people to scream like maniacs yet being influenced to think deeply by what they say disappear, then please click on that Link.

This has been a community message brought by Geminianeyes.

Truly sickening.

October 12, 2006

Truly sickening.

This has made me sick to my stomach. What the heck is wrong with so many of these idiots? Yes, I understand the argument, but the money can be channeled in so many other ways; such as for the preservation of the upkeep of the current tourists sites in Malacca (some of them are in horrible condition) to the repairs of the roads of Malacca.

What would a 110m tower of Hang Tuah’s keris accomplish, you tell me? Malacca is perhaps both one of the pride and the embarrassment to some people; on one hand it has a rich history, on another, many of its tourist sites glorify the bygone ages of the non-Malays (aka colonialism). Perhaps the tower would serve 3 purposes; enriching the pockets of those involved in the construction process, tell everyone just *who* is in charge in Malacca (and thereby proving to the world just who exactly is the one who needs a mindset change) and at the same time assuage some people’s insecurity about their size.

All these mindless projects need to be stopped and channelled into something better. You DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MONKEY. After all, why is there a need to be “monkey see, monkey do”? Surely we have better judgements than monkeys, don’t we?

Of course, with the current people in Parliament and those making judgements for this frivolous project, I kinda doubt it.

What I’m about to say may offend people and constitute me as being a busybody, poking my nose into affairs that do not concern me. However, in a world that is rapidly becoming smaller and where the actions of a few have a huge impact on the rest of the world, this is one issue cannot be condoned. I’m talking about the Military Commissions Act that was passed into law in the United States of America (technically it has passed Congress and is only awaiting Bush’s signature, but we all know what’s going to happen, don’t we?)

It erodes many Constitutional rights of the American people, but it remains to be seen how many will actually notice that the rights they once treasured have been removed. (For a summary of what’s happened, read here. You can also Google “Military Commissions Act” to see what others are saying). The one I consider the most chilling reads:

Permit, in violation of international law, the use of evidence extracted under cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, or as a result of “outrages upon personal dignity, particularly humiliating or degrading treatment”, as defined under international law.

This is the single, most appalling piece of legislation I’ve read. The basis of that law claims that while it’s not alright to rape people, it’s alright to use other methods to get them to confess. You can make them stand for hours with no relief; threaten them with things like raping their mothers/sisters/female relatives/heck, any one they care about at all, among others. This isn’t right; It’s torture. You can break their brains, force them to do things like what happened in Abu Ghraib (spelling?), all just for some information that is supposed to protect the country.

That’s not the only thing.

According to Mr Bush (should be Bullshit, but we can’t always have what we want, can we?) this is to make AMERICA safer. By denying these people the right to be treated like human beings, they seem to have forgotten the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. by committing such atrocities, they have not only SWELLED the ranks of non-US terrorists groups like the Al-Qaeda, but they have also opened the door for their own people to be treated like a dog or worse. It would seem that the US government is in a race to show the Al-Qaeda that they’re the boss because they can do this to their people AND get away with it.

In case you haven’t noticed, Bush and his gang of thugs have also taken the trouble to explain who they thought are enemy combatants, and thus, susceptible to being taken away at a moment’s notice and held without trial. Not to mention being eligible for abuse:

An “enemy combatant” is now no longer just someone captured “during an armed conflict” against our forces. Thanks to this legislation, George W. Bush is now able to designate as an “enemy combatant” anyone who has “purposefully and materially supported hostilities against the United States.”

So if you’ve even spoken of bringing down the Bush administration, you can be taken into custody. And be subjected to torture. Worse part is? Because the United States is such a SHINING example of democracy, there will be others who will follow suit. You do not have to be a foreign national; even if you’re a US citizen, you can be taken in for such dissidence.

I will admit, that these are all worse case scenarios… but these kinds of scenarios are often the ones that will come back to haunt us long after the smoke has been cleared and the fire has been put out. Perhaps I may be wrong; clarification would be welcomed. I know that this article right now is very disjointed; will work more on it when I get back from Church.

God Help Us; we’re in Dark Days now. Very dark.

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