Brief update

August 21, 2007

I’ll do a Yuhi and update this in point form:

– Last one week at the office was pretty light. After Wednesday at least. Took MC off one day cause I was too tired; it’s been nearly one month since I had a proper weekend where I did nothing but sleep 75% of the time. Outings drain me after a while.

– Comiworld. It was quite ok, had lots of fun, am annoyed at some people (especially their conduct). Will need to talk to them privately, though to the one who said that he could not contact me because he did not have my number, you not only phail, but it’s a very sad excuse. It’s safe to say that it’s ridiculously easy for you to get it, as nearly everyone around you has my number. If you don’t want to shoulder the responsibility, then be a man and own up to it. Your irresponsibility makes me want to quit in disgust.

– Lacry stayed over for two nights, Sky for one. It’s fun!! Finally, someone whom I can rant to about Singapore customer service! XD Skypegasus’ so much fun to pet! I’m serious! She’s cute and pettable… like a puppy? *Hides from Sky*

– Dinner at McD (not the original dinner I wanted, but because of the rain, it’ll do) with some friends whom I haven’t seen in a long time. It’s nice to get away from the anime talk and gossip once in a while and talk to friends who are delightfully sarcastic, have a good grip on life and are overall amusing. DMJ, if you read this, I have to introduce you to Kip. Ironically, he has been stabbed twice in the heart… and survived.

– Episode of “It-could-only-happen-to-Sam” coupled with a healthy dose of “Guys-don’t-ask-each-other-for-directions” syndrome. After all… how else can you get lost from TAMAN JAYA and wind up in PUCHONG?? If it were anywhere else in PJ I can understand… but PUCHONG? That and Sam, while gesturing to something else, managed to miss hitting someone’s nose with his hand by about… 2 millimetres? Honestly, it could only happen to Sam.

– Bought new notebook for writing in general stuff. Will need to mail things out later and get paper to make paper cranes.

– Coping. Surviving. That’s all I can do for now. And no, regardless of how I act, I have NOT forgiven my parents.

– Also, dealing with obvious questions amuse me. Just because you know a bit about it doesn’t give you the full rights to lambast them in public like that. Heck, even I know the Code Gay-ass Geass joke about Pizza Hut. And I don’t even watch the show! Then he failed on 3 points:

— He cannot tell the difference between booth girls and cosplayers. It’s kind of obvious that they’re not there as cosplayers if you see them handing out brochures about games now, isn’t it? My very first anime con was quite a few years ago, but even then I knew how to differentiate between booth girls and cosplayers.

— He cannot tell the difference between regular cosplayers and those hired by a company. The quality of the costumes gave them away… They’re NOT cosplayers because they’re dressed in fancy armour. -_-”

— Before you complain about the CF representative dressing up in a short skirt, try to figure out whether she was cosplaying in the first place. In any case though, if she wants to wear a short skirt, what’s wrong with that? You got something against girls who’ve better sense and legs than you?

Just because YOUR event was ok, doesn’t give you the right to diss others.

That was a nice rant.


Cancelling Penang trip

July 16, 2007

This month. I’m going to go up next month, I don’t care.

Date: 11-12 August (Sat+Sun)
Accomodation: YMCA (unless someone can find a cheaper place)
Plan: Go up by train on Friday, 10 August (10PM++)- Am probably going to get the cabin if I can.
Come back on Sunday Night via bus, most likely will try to get the 5/6/7pm bus.

Anyone wanna join me?

Bon Odori Reports

July 15, 2007

Very, very tiring day. It was worth it to see Raz again, and for that, the tiredness is worth it. Picked him and Tachikoma Jin up at about 8 something, got the time confused with Shereen who thought it was at 8PM, not AM so she ended up going to BO on her own. The car trip was… random.

We got there so much earlier than usual and they forced us to park next to the stadium. Walking to the stadium entrance took about 8 minutes. Not that I’m complaining. I wore sensible open-toed sandals. Can’t say much for the others who didn’t. πŸ˜€ The day was tiring for both of us, so we took naps here and there. Sleeping with someone you love and trust is very relaxing and refreshing. ^_^ Met with a lot of people, had a lot of squeeing, enjoyed some good food (kaki koori, which I think is shaved ice, is delicious on a hot day), and participated in the dance with Raz. I want to dance Pachelbel Canon in D again, love!

I enjoyed it, though this will be the last year I’m going to be seeing Renren and Iluna there. BE SAFE AND ENJOY YOUR STAY IN JAPAN, BOYS!

Sayang, come home safely.

OMGWTF Christina Aguilera has a really sexy body! Some people may say that she was a slut, but it was done so classily, so well that I admired her for it, rather than revile her. Besides, if she’s proud of her sexuality and wants to show it off, what’s wrong with that? She’s confident, sure and comfortable with herself! How many females do YOU know with that level of confidence? Also, she has fantastic legs! I once did a piece on Christina when her latest album, Back To Basics, and I remembered someone had once described Christina as the “Little Girl with the Big Voice,” and they weren’t kidding. Seeing her live was SIMPLY MINDBLOWING.

Hurt, Fighter, and Lady Marmalade were my favourite performances of the concert, but Hurt was the best of all. The emotion, the passion… the actual hurt. I first heard the song over the radio, and it brought a tear to my eye. This time the tears fell slowly and quietly, mainly because I remembered how I never got the chance to say “Thank you,” to my grandfather. I barely knew him, as he was the quiet, fierce one of my grandparents. Nevertheless, he was quietly religious, the kind that leads by example, not by telling people to convert. He also loved his children dearly, I believe. After all, he and my grandmother both accepted my uncles who had married Muslims into their home warmly. My eldest uncle, my grandfather’s stepson, respected him greatly.

There were many blings, many changes of songs, but what struck me most was that SINGAPOREANS. DO. NOT. MOVE. During the concert. It’s a CHRISTINA AGUILERA CONCERT, FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE! HOW CAN YOU SIT IN THE CHAIR WITHOUT MOVING??? Then again, according to one of my colleagues, there are actually rules in Singapore that govern concert goers’ behaviour. WTF??? Still, the energy she exuded was fantastic, especially considering that there are rumours that she’s pregnant. If she is, then CONGRATULATIONS, CHRISTINA!!


Still don’t like Michael Bay. I suppose that’s mainly because the focus in the movie was less on the Transformers themselves and more on the so-called human element. Yo Bay! If I wanted to watch a human element show, I’d watch a drama or love story. Also, some characters were completely unnecessary. I dislike this treatment of Transformers, though I have to admit, DAMN BUT IT WAS GOOD! I liked Frenzy and Bumblebee, though still… ah well.

What about you?


July 1, 2007

Christina. Aguilera. ROCKED.

Transformers, PWNED.

Trip: Good, but could be better.

Status: Exhausted.

*Flomps on her bed*

Will be away

June 29, 2007


Am staying at PanPac JB. TI, SHOULD I BRING MY SWIMSUIT?? :p



June 18, 2007

Dinner on WEDNESDAY 20 JUNE 2007:

Place: Tentatively Italiannies’ @The Curve (Unlimited Pasta, RM19.90++ per person)

Time: 7.30pm onwards

Budget: RM25

So, who wants in?

Uncle managed to irritate me only once (YAY!!)

I finished two books in two days (well, one had been overdue for a week already, can’t read cause always had work)

I discovered I can swim VERY short distances (take a deep breath, go facedown, and kick with my legs). Still have a prob figuring out how to take a breath while swimming without choking though.

My cousins are too adorable!!!

It is hard to find good, affordable food in Port Dickson.

The wind was really strong. I stood on the balcony and I could feel it trying to lift me up and carry me away. Pictures to follow when I get it from my dad. The waves were really high… Was wondering whether there would be a tsunami, but since the water did not recede, we discounted that possibility.

Slept like a baby on the way down, couldn’t sleep on the way back.

Miss my uke.

Miss my Internets, but not as much as I thought I would.

I return with a clearer sense of how a story should be written. Nao, Su, Kishan… you guys wanna tell me the truth now?

Expect updates to after June. Haven’t decided on the plugins I’m going to use yet, but I know what themes I’m going to get. Yes, I realise that it seems very shallow, but it is easier than me breaking my head over it. πŸ˜›

12 June

June 15, 2007

AKA My birthday.

It was one of the more memorable ones I’ve had for most of my life.

Started from last Friday when Koibito sent flowers to my office, along with two teddy bears (both sitting on my desk now) and an envelope with that precious domain message. You have no idea how many levels of squee that sent me into. Later that night, I told him so, expecting no more gifts from him except himself the next day, as the only present I was really hoping for was to spend a weekend with him without any interruptions (pardon to everyone that I disappeared for those two days). Then he gave me the presents he had brought down (pictures when I feel like it. :p) They were:

Battle Royale (a novelisation of an anime/manga, I think)
Time Spiral, a Magic The Gathering (book 1 of the series)
Cartomancy (YAY! Sequel to A secret atlas)
Domain Details (WOOT!)
A bracelet he had made himself from a network cable with a bell (SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

And by coming down

Himself and his time (which is all I wanted, really!)

We both decided to skip badminton, mainly for two reasons. I wasn’t ready to introduce him to my parents yet, and we wanted more time alone. Of course, because of the rain, people kept calling, and it was a little hard to keep the appearances up when Mintos called koibito after failing to get me. I had to ask Elder to give me time to call him back, and I did once Koibito and Mintos had decided. At this time they still did not know that I had already met Koibito.

When we met at the restaurant, I showed them the gifts that Koibito had supposedly made me run around town to get. We were actually supposed to celebrate Elder’s birthday and mine. Dinner was Tony Roma’s. They have really good ribs. While we were ordering, Mintos and Elder had slipped out to get Koibito. When he came in, it was a big surprise for me, because he did two things; he kissed me and he was wearing glasses. Yes, I still have a weakness for good looking men with glasses. Dimmie caught on that I was with Raz the entire time, and I’m really glad that she didn’t tell anyone else. πŸ™‚

After that, we all said goodnights. I dropped Koibito at his hotel nearby and headed home.

The next day, I woke up early and headed off to pick him up and check out. We went out shopping again after stopping by the church, and basically spent the whole day walking and talking to each other. Check out my post on Sunday if you want more details.

Monday was especially painful for us… This had been the longest time we had spent with each other without anyone else following us, and it hurt to part. When he reached home safely, I was really happy, and yet really sad… Five hours separated us again. He was the first person to wish me Happy Birthday at midnight, and the last person to wish me 24 hours later. During that one day, I realised just how many people cared for me, with the well-wishes, the cakes, the people around me in general.

I should write in more detail what I did, but I’m exhausted. Perhaps next time.

Thank you all.

Broadway Parodies Lah!

May 18, 2007

Got this from a friend. Jom, let’s go! πŸ™‚ Aiko, Flist, I’m looking at you guys. Onii-chan and Sol too!

The Actors Studio Presents:
BROADWAY PARODIES LAH! Malaysian Spoofs of Songs from the Musicals
With sikit pinjam konsep from the Western “Forbidden Broadway” spoof show, The Actors Studio proudly presents “Broadway Parodies Lah!”, a rich rojak of slices of Malaysian life garnished with a big splash of humour and served up on a platter of great songs. And with a hugely talented cast, fantastic Broadway style choreography and both live and computer sequenced musical backing, BPL is a Malaysian feast of spoofs that is sure to fill your stomachs with laughter!

Sample Song Titles
Chicken with the Chili on Top (“Surrey with the Fringe”)
Bodoh Lah (“Do Re Mi”)
Damansara (“Oklahoma!”)
Hello Datin (“Hello Dolly”)
The Bomoh of the Bursa (“The Phantom of the Opera”)
We Must Play Golf All Day (“I Could Have Danced All Night”)

BROADWAY PARODIES LAH! Malaysian Spoofs of Songs from the Musicals
Production Director and Writer: Brian McIntyre
Conceived by: Jason Cheong and Edna Tan
Executive Producer: Datuk Faridah Merican
Artistic Director: Joe Hasham
Choreography: Farah Sulaiman

Douglas Lim (actor, comedian – Kopitiam, Broken Bridges)
Joanne Kam Poh Poh (veteran performer and comedienne, Broken Bridges)
Doreen Tang (delightful voice! M! The Opera, numerous shows)
Ho Soon Yoon (actor, singer [Broken Bridges], conductor [In The Mood])
Sabrina Hassan (TV and stage performer – Anjung Budi, PGL)
Kyra Dani (TV and stage actress – Each Other, Forum)
Glamorique Arshad (veteran performer – Mikado, Stand and Deliver, Jalan Impian)
Cheryl Tan (terrific young talent, huge voice – Six Characters in Search)
Ivan Choong (tremendous new vocal talent)

Accompanied on Pianoforte by: Melvin Ho (musician, vocal and choral coach)
Additional music sequenced and orchestrated by: Brian McIntyre

Performance Dates:
May 24, 25, 26, 29, 30, 31, June 1, 2 at 8.30pm, May 27th and June 3rd at 3pm
Venue: The Actors Studio, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Ticket Prices: RM 40 & RM30 (Adults) RM20 (Students, senior citizens & the disabled)

Special promotions:
– One FREE ticket given for every 10 tickets purchased*
– 20% discount for Tuesday & Wednesday (adult tickets only)
– Get a FREE copy of Reader’s Digest with purchase of 2 or more tickets**

*Not applicable for tickets on Tuesday & Wednesday
** While stocks last
For tickets, please contact: TAS@BSC at 03-2094 0400/1400 or email

For details: or